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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 19. 2nd August 1973

Wot about the workers?

Wot about the workers?

Dear Sir,

Salient is this year obsessed by Marxist dogma. You may say it isn't dogma but what are you trying to do? People are getting on fine in New Zealand. Sure some in Newtown are not living too well but at least they have freedom unlike China.

China which has become so "in", from Newsweek to New Zealand, is held up as a Godzone of the masses. What about the campaign of 100 flowers and the shooting of opponents or is that edited out of "China Reconstructs"?

There are inequalities in all societies and you should see through the bias of Chinese magazines and you should see through American news. No society is perfect. Why hold up China as the answer to the world's problems? I find the liberation of China irrelevant and so do the workers of Porirua.

The same illusions that "People's Voice" rants about are evident in your narrow perspective. After all shouldn't you appeal to the broad masses and not just politically orientated people. And then sport doesn't even exist does it? Nor do the alienated middle-class youth looking for their nirvanas feature in your venerable journal of Marxism—Pukcism.

Alf Jones.