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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 19. 2nd August 1973

Revolution in the Suburbs

Revolution in the Suburbs

Dear Editor,

Your correspondent, Ralph Nader ( or would-be) makes a memorable statement about the bog-minded apathetic student body in concluding "....most people in this institution are too self-centred to worry about things.... which affect people other than themselves."

The most boisterous band of capitalist baiters (and I include, myself as a 'housewife' daily nauseated by over-packaging, advertising to woo the mindless to buy rubbish, etc etc) are the most constantly wooed by their supposed tormentors and exploiters into unload all available cash into capitalist coffers. The hordes scampering up the Terrace, LPs or Kentucky fried chickens pressed close to their bosoms are not thick materialist-minded bank clerks, but supposedly liberated students addicted to ear-polluting stereo systems and stomach-ravaging carbohydrates. The glassey-eyed circles decorating most downtown hotels and bars at most hours, downing good profit-making DB slush are not over-enthusiastic DB divident-hopefuls but armchair proletarians from up the Hill. Soft drink manufacturers would face bankrupey if someone sold made-up cordial in the SUB. Pall Mall hardly needs to exploit Black Africans when VUW students are so eager to puff away their bursaries. The list is endless.

The revolution has not even begun on the Hill. It is being fought in the suburbs every time women like myself explain to the storekeepers why they do not need bags or brands, will not buy candied rubbish, prefer the loose bag to the multi-coloured box, refuse to drive a car or watch a TV. Touche?

Love and Peace Margaret Davey.