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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 18. 26th July 1973

Statement by the Vuw Rationalist Society on the "Male Chauvinist Pig Competition"

Statement by the Vuw Rationalist Society on the "Male Chauvinist Pig Competition"

The "Male Chauvinist Pig Competition" recently held to raise money for the Vietnam Medical Aid Appeal was warmly welcomed and supported by the VUW Rationalist Society. It is our unshakeable conviction that any cause which has as its aim the relief of those suffering from the atrocities of imperialist war is worthy of support by all humanitarian minded people.

The horrors of war — death in all its forms, starvation, infanticide and disease are little known to us in peaceful New Zealand. And the Vietnam War has become "old news" to many people, a boring topic of discussion and a much misunderstood sequence of human events. It is with great enthusiasm therefore, that we greet such efforts as the "Male Chauvinist Pig Competition"; a reminder to us all that the struggle in Indochina is still to be resolved and a material expression of solidarity with our South East Asian brothers and sisters.

But the "Male Chauvinist Pig Competition" has managed to kill (or at least, severely maim) two birds with one stone. It has provided a voice on this university campus for a little recognised group to air their views on a question of great importance to all students. An opportunity for the undoubtedly exploited women of this campus to expose the more chauvinistic among their oppressors. By means of the competition rules (i.e. 5c secret ballot votes) even the most timid of women (and those men among us with a conscience) were able to register their complete abhorence and rejection of male chauvinism..

The VUW Rationalist Society was gratified to see that none of its members were present in the black "finalists" list of men contemptuous of the opposite sex. The Society accepts this verdict of fellow students with some pride, but without any degree of complacency. We will continue to fight, as we have fought in the past against the odious manifestations of sexism in this society. In pursuing this rational course we take the opportunity to point out the fact that those who have polled high in the competition would do well to enter into serious self-criticism of their chauvinistic behaviour. The Rationalist Society takes note of the fact that a prominent member of the Young Socialist's club appears to have excelled himself in the field of male chauvinism. It has long been our view that the Young Socialists, (campus front for the Socialist Action League) is a thoroughly male dominated body as is its parent organisation. Female Young Socialist members appear to have no say in the decision making process of the Young Socialist club. The policies of the Young Socialists mirror exactly the policies of the Socialist Action League, which is itself a small Trotskyist Party where women are prominent only in the field of feminism. At meetings about other important issues such as antiwar and antiapartheid it is invariably the men who speak. The official organ of the SAL ("Socialist Action") is almost entirely written by men. Such women who do contribute to this journal seem to be limited almost solely to the subjects of abortion and feminism. The Rationalist Society has as one of its main aims the continuation of friendly relations with all student clubs. We offer the Young Socialists friendly criticism rather than hostility. However we stress that male chauvinism must be combatted where ever it appears, and that the rights of all women should be upheld. It is for this reason that we support such activities as "Male Chauvinist Pig Competition" to be playing a progressive and farsighted role.

Susan Hampton for the VUW Rationalist Society

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Photo of two men, one playing a guitar

"Casey Jones" —Don and Pete.

Photo of three people singing

"A song for the Revolution". Wilson. Leishman. Beckford.

Last Wednesday saw the lunch time crowd in the Union Hall asked for 30c as they entered. Their "What for?" was answered by mas ter of ceremonies Peter Botchup. VUWSA's Publication Officer proclaiming "Now for your pleasure and the Vietnam Aid Appeal coffers we present the first ever 'Executive Revue'."

Obviously with such an appalling choice of cast not much could be hoped for. The first number saw Don Franks (Salient s philosopher minstrel) push Peter Wilson's withered voice through some Joe Hill numbers and an ambitious Joan Baez piece which convinced the audience that if the revolution was no more than song and dance it would be won tomorrow.

Back came Peter Brochure, more 'Sinclair' than sincere, with a succession of skitsHow to handle a demonstrator', a pantomime 'Cederella and the Fairy-Chan mother' and the 'Trot of the Week Competition' (modelled on 'Opportunity knocks'). A final rousing chorus led by Peter Wilson (he does look suspiciously like Rotherham) of 'Dead Trot in the Middle of the Road' finished it off.

The strictly amateur production featured various executive members plus Lindsey Rae, Gyles Beckford, Colin he slier and Don Franks adapting old lines in light of local conditions proving along the way that you can still get away with a simple gag and a nod and a wink.

About $60 was raised for the Medical Aid Appeal as a result of the preformance. And of course Peter Bothersome and the young Emotionalists sang 'A song for the Revolution' — ying tong ying tong tiddly i fo, ying tong ying tong tiddly i fo.....as Kurt Vonnegut would have it — "And so it goes."

Photo of two people sitting and watching the show

A debate was held "That this House has confidence in the Labour Government". Speaking to (the motion were John Blincoe and Frank O'Flynn MP and against were Henry Stubbs and Bill Young MP. The motion was lost, not necessarily because of the eloquence of the negative.

Photo of two people talking

photos — Keith Stewart