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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 18. 26th July 1973

"Ege Bamyasi": Can (United Artists UAL—34815)

"Ege Bamyasi": Can (United Artists UAL—34815)

This is quite bad.

Can are a five-piece German group, hailed in Britain as the spearhead of the Germanic progressive rock explosion.

Actually, they're pretty boring. As in Dik Mik and Hawkwind, and five arty-farty heads too full of Stockhausen and a "concord of sweet sounds".

Vitamin C has something about "your nose is bloody silly". Yeah, bloody silly. Pinch is a nine minute foray into engineer's tricks and grubby stops-and-starts: "freak-outs" were the words Japanese vocalist, Damo Suzuki, muttered flippantly in an interview.

For those among you dulled by Pink Floyd's excursion into soul music, for those seeking the only genuine electronic extension of Hawkwind, for the heavy-headed among us . . . you might like Can.

Thirty-eight minutes playing time. Go to it.