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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 36, Number 4. 21st March 1973

Young Working class Writer hits back at Critics and exposes their pro-imperialist sentiments

Young Working class Writer hits back at Critics and exposes their pro-imperialist sentiments


two letters in your last issue move me to comment. Robin Peter's reply to my review of "Sexist Society" contains at least three errors of fact. I did not dismiss the book entirely — I argued that it would be a useful work within its limits. I cannot "afford to wait fairly comfortably for my revolution" — Socialist revolution in New Zealand will not be my own little possession but the work of the masses — "the festival of the oppressed", as Lenin put it. He who waits for such an event — fairly comfortably or otherwise — will find themselves against the wall with Jim Wattie and the Socialist Action League. I am sorry that I am not a woman. However, this handicap has not precluded me from seeing at least something of the suffering in our sexist society. If Robin Peter would like to take me out to dinner or a play and then sweep me off my feet back at her liberated flat we might explore this topic a little further. Shall we say 8.30?

Mr Tripe suggests that all laws and courts be totally abolished and any compromise with this is "Marxist Lenninist piffle". Utopian anarchism is a perepnial pseudo intellectual hobby of bourgeois students. Last year it took the form of messages reading "Anarchy Lives" written in black ink on lavatory walls. This year we may see a "Peking Review" burnt on the front lawn or a date stamp in the library's copy of "Bakunin — the Man". It matters little. The laws, the courts, the monopolys and the whole capitalist state will stand firmly until they confront organized working class revolution. And after that revolution we will need at least one court to try Tripe in, on a charge of aiding and abetting the Ruling Class by default.

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I remain, yours expectantly,

Don Franks