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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 19. 3rd August 1972

Against the Wall

Against the Wall

Who wrote this letter for you Maggie, Mr Muldoon? They grabbed and read your letters to me, along with a lot of other peoples letters. You weren't involved in a criminal libel neither were any other correspondents. I'd say that's a breach of civil liberties. I'd say taking address books and subscription details and a confidential file on the seamen's dispute stinks of a politically motivated investigation that bears an unpleasantly close relationship, to methods favoured by right wing dictatorships overseas. As Dr Martin Findlay remarked in the House, such measures employed against Chris Wheeler are just as easily used against any other critic or publication.

Since when does it become "whimpering" to admit a genuine mistake? The daily newspaper you read, Maggie makes many more serious and deliberate mistakes. When was the last time the Evening Post or Dominion were charged with "criminal libel"? Ask Dan Riddiford he might be able to tell you.

As you say "this is not the first time" I've apologised. It's the second. There haven't been any other apologies although you imply otherwise.

I've never called myself a socialist.

As to your other remarks - what's the matter with being rude, brash incompetent and unreliable? Some of my best friends......

I'll hang that award in some appropriate place.

Yeah - far out stuff Maggie. Always thought you young married sheilas had the clues.

Peace and Love

Christopher Robin

P.S. How's about a donation to the Cock Robin Defence Fund?