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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 16. 1972



If ever the parliamentarians gave people a clear example of their uselessness and irrelevance, the march on Parliament against the French nuclear tests was it. The people who put a hell of a lot of work into organising the protest, the people who travelled miles to join the protest and the people of Wellington who joined the march were presented with an open snub by their parliamentary 'leaders'.

Kirk came out to address the protestors and delivered a sickening election bribe - vote Labour for disarmament; perhaps Kirk should send this message to the Chinese and Russians and see what they think of it!

At least Kirk met the demonstration. Marshall waited inside Parliament buildings for the deputation which waited on him to present the protestors' demands. The deputation may not have presented a very cogent case; but Marshall's response was a contemptuous insult to New Zealanders. After all, did he not say on "Gallery" a few weeks ago that he was leading the N.Z. protest against the tests?

Our politicians continually call for peaceful and orderly demonstrations. When they get them, as they did at Parliament last Thursday, they insult the people by ignoring their demands. If protests become more violent and disruptive in the future the so-called leaders of our country will be the ones to blame.