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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 15. 1972

Grass Roots Record Shop

page 13

Grass Roots Record Shop

If ever you've tripped gaily up Willis St, you've probably noticed that just past Vivian St. there is what must be the heaviest shop window in Wellington. It advertises the presence, at number 273, of the Grass Tracks Record Shop.

Upon stepping behind the aformentioned window, you discover an emporium, the walls of which are tastefully upholstered with album covers. Not just any albums, either. All rock, all new, and all recent. Wow! Zap! A freaks own record shop, you think. Why weren't you told about it?

Having thus justified this unashamed plug, a few details may be welcome. Grass Tracks was established about six months ago for the purpose of displaying lighting gear and sound systems. Since these media tend to interest rock freaks, the proprietor, Gary Goodyer is toying with the idea of importing overseas pressings to supply such people's record tastes. He has equipment and ideas All that is needed is a lotta patronage. Right now the shop can sell only records manufactured in N.Z. and is going to have to shut down unless a few more people come in.

Whether you are interested in buying or not, Grass Tracks is worth a visit, if only to see what a good record shop can be like. Their 600 watt sound gear must be among the best in Wellington (it has been used for Union Hall rock concerts this year.) With light shows, they are interested in purveying quality, as opposed to some of the other feeble crap available. Such things are pointless, though, if they have no audience.