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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 4. 22 March 1972



Don't buy food with excessive packaging. Refuse paper bags unless absolutely necessary.

"Free Gifts" and competitions might be fun but they make food more expensive.

Try not to buy food in plastic containers, especially in plastic bags.

If you've got a garden, or even a window ledge - grow your own.

Photo of a corn cob

You don't need more than one big meal each day (best in the morning).

Overeating is the enemy of the body and of sharing. Especially sharing with the undernourished. Buy foods in bulk. But don't forget that the more you have in your cupboard, the more you eat.

Support the students Food CO-OP - press for a wider range of goods, press for a full time, non profit, shop. Uncut loaves of Bread are preferable to cut loaves. Make your own.

Whole meal flour is not as cheap as refined flour but it is much better. And the more people buying, the cheaper it will become.

'Chapati' is easiest - flour, water, salt, rolled thin, baked ten minutes.

All power pollutes - including electricity - so have as many salads as you can stand.

Nothing is better cooked than raw. Well maybe potatoes. But remember, power is money, money is work, power is pollution.