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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 4. 22 March 1972



The club executive is making noises in the appropriate quarters on several issues—

The paua closed season and restrictions on amateur scuba divers taking these animals. Although recognising the need for control measures we are doubtful as to the value of blanket closed seasons in control since pirating by 'commercial' divers, will continue. The regulation as it stands appears ill-conceived and valueless.

Another portion of the same regulation forbids the taking of "shellfish" with scuba and concurrent possesion of "shellfish" and scuba. We are seeking a redefinition of the word "shellfish" which at present includes all molluscs, echinoderms and Crustacea with the exception of some of the commercially important species such as, crayfish, toheroa, rock oysters etc., which are covered by special regulations. If these species are covered by special regulations, why the need for a ban on all "shellfish"?

We are also involved in the Poor Knights mining issue. We are seeking a "buffer" boundary of several miles between the Islands and any possible oil prospecting and drilling operations. We feel that such a reduction in the prospecting area is a small price to pay to help ensure the protection of the unique fauna at the Knights.