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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 4. 22 March 1972

[Letter from Confused and Bewildered to Salient vol 35 no. 4. 22 March 1972]


Far be it from me to rush into print echoing those hysterical denunciations, salutations and echortations generally, in fact universally, known as 'Letters to the Editor'. I would not, even if I could tax my pen to such a pitch of obsenity, and blasphemy as may tend to confuse end discompose those pure end young minds shortly to be blighted by the perusal of your publication - if they persist. No Hotspur I, my muse tends to gentler tones. Be this as it may, it is not my present intention - nor will it be, I hasten to assure you- to cast unwarranted aspersions on the columns in which, I am sanguine, my modest epistle may well appear, nor is it my wish to add to certain controversies concerning the scope of what one would call 'the press'. My purpose is to avoid such pitfalls end be brief and to the point as possible.

It has been my privileged pleasure for some time now to walk within these hells of scholarship. I have found, on the whole, its students to be as pleasant, interesting, well-informed and well-groomed a group of young people as one might wish to meet. - one does not of course entertain unreasonably high expectations of young people these days. One sector unfortunately has come to my notice, however, as deserving of some disapprobation. I am referring to that group of people who, through their insipidity, arrogance, abhorrent vulgarity and general onanism, tend to debase the Christian religion which they profess to espouse. Allow me, sir, to register my strong protest to these people - they know only too well who they are.

Confused and bewildered.