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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 4. 22 March 1972

No Bullshit?

No Bullshit?

Too many of our Lecturers are like our Politicians — Speak a lot but say Nothing.

Not that this is about Politicians — in fact it's more about Lecturers. Now that the Hassle of the First Few Weeks is Over and Most have Settled Down to At—Tending the Odd Lecture its Time to Review the Types of Lecturers there are, and to Mention why your Notes Aren't Going to be all that Good to Swat from.

After all, Swatting's a Drag Anyway. But Hell its Worse if you Blow your Brain Trying to Understand your Notes. Not that Poor Notes are your Fault—Often its that of your Lecturer.

You've got the Real Hopeless Cases, and they know who they are as well as you do. There's at Least a Couple in Every Department. They are Usually Characterized by Poor Presentation—Reading Rather than Lecturing. And who can Take Notes at the Same Rate as Someone Talking? Unless you can do some form of Shorthand its Bad News. They've Either been in the Department for Years or came into it from an Honours Class. Either way they Provide you with Pretty Useless Notes Because you can't Keep up. Mind you all Bad Notes Aren't Caused by Bad Lecturers—there are other Influencing Factors such as Noise or just Plain Poor Note Taking Technique. Generally Though, Bad Notes can be Attributed to Poor Lecturing.

Now you could Take the Bull that we Started off with by the Horns and Kick up the Shit by Trying to get that Certain Lecturer Removed.

Or you could Avoid the Embarassment of that and Take a Short Course in Shorthand and get all what he Says Down Anyway. Something Like 80-100 Words a Minute, Yet Using the Basic Longhand Alphabet with Only a Few Foreign Symbols. To Learn a Course Like Pitman Script is Easy and Quick. You Take it on Saturday Mornings-12 of them—when you don't do Much Anyway. It Only Costs Six Bucks for the Full Course and $4.50 of that is Taken up with Books. Really its a Good Cheap Way to Pass Units Without the Hassle of Swatting from Texts, Borrowing Notes and Blowing your Brain Generally.

Enrolments are now Being Taken for Pitman Script Either at the Students Association Office or Enquire on the First Floor of Whitcombes—the Same Floor as you Found your Text Books.

Whitcombe & Tombs

Lambton Quay

for Textbooks Stationery Pitman Script General Reading