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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 2. 8th March 1972

—Letters to the editor—

—Letters to the editor—

Long - Thanh, From: The Inter-Religions General Assembly Demanding for Peace P.O.Box 18 - Bien-Hoa Province, South Vietnam.

To: All the Benefactors of the Vietnamese War Orphans.


Dear Gentlemen and Ladies,

The Vietnam War having caused how many deaths and mournings (poverty, diseases, illiterature, innumerable war victims, orphans, widows, invalid soldiers...) in our Fatherland.

Therefore, we, all the priests of all the religions, demand the U.S. Government must put end quickly to this "doctrinal war" so inhuman and so irrational that continues to prolong our miserable homeland.

Please, you give our Peace Documents (enclosed) to the Directors of your local newspapers, magazines. Press-Agencies... in order to help us propagate the aspirations of our peace loving Vietnamese People all over the world.

If you will have the newspapers or the magazines which insert our documents, please, send those articles to our address (above) to remember for ever!!!

Hoping that your help, the U.S. Government may end all the sufferings of our Vietnamese People and even your American People. God bless for you and your family.

With our thanks for your Human Pity Mercy, we remain, dear Gentlemen and Ladies.

Sincerely yours,

Working Movement for Peace

p.p. The Inter-Religions General Assembly World Salvation Religion

The Superior Friar,



H.E. Mr Nixon, President of USA Government

H.E. Mr Kossyguine, Premier of URSS Govt.

H.E. Mr Mao-Trach-Dong, President of the China Popular Republic.

Dear Sirs,

The Vietnam War has prolonged more than 25 years ago, having caused how many of deaths and mournings. The poverty war, diseases and illiterature ones had and have acted severely in our whole Country. The Oriental moral laws and religious regulations have been treaded, overturned, and exhausted by the infiltration of the Occidental material civilization waves influences.

By the Foreigners policy, our Vietnamese People is going closely to destruction hole. The West and the East don't yet understand together, because we haven't yet Love!

By this reason, being Clergymen, on behalf of all Religions and all Vietnamese people classes, we have the honour to call to your Conscience and your Pity Mercy!

Do you want your country be ravaged by the war, or your people be painful by hostilities? Surely no! why were you so merciless to aid money, ammunitions and guns; for our compatriots of the two North and South Regions be reciprocally killed? In face, you have called to Peace for Vietnam, but in your heart, you have tried to prolong the war for your interests over the sweat blood and tears of your Human Fellows!?!?

The Vietnamese People don't ask you for help for anything, but beg you to allow us Love only! The Vietnamese National Spirit is immortal, our more four thousands of history years had proved this point. So that, what do you wait to order not yet the entire withdrawal of your forces and your Advisors out of Vietnam to give back to the People Self-Decision Rights to our people, for we resolve the Vietnamese Peace by a moderate and intimate policy?

If you aren't sincere to stop in time the Vietnam war, but to let it spread out everywhere for becoming at last the World War III, at that time, or you sure that your Super-Powers should live in peace and security.

The World End Day isn't far, once the Nuclear Arm stock of the Super-Powers be exploded on same time in the coming World War III.

The last time, the Vietnamese People ardently beg you and Mr. the Chiefs of all Governments in the world to will have the common agreement for Giving Back Peace to Vietnam.

With our thanks for your Human Pity Mercy. we remain, dear Sirs.

Very Respectfully Yours.

Working Movement For People Peace

World Salvation Religion The Superior Friar,

Nguyen Van Su

An Quang Buddhism Clergyman

Reverend Thich Lieu Minh

Vn Luu Son Ky Huong Religion The Pontiff,

Rev Nguyen Tan Dat

Christianity Clergyman

Reverend Father Le Quang Oanh


I'd like to warn all your readers of the disadvantages of ever finishing a degree. Having just done that very stupid thing, I find that I am being discriminated against when applying for work (something which I am loathe to do, but which I find necessary when confronted with having to pay for travel tickets, etc)

Employers feel obliged to pay more because of a degree and frequently refuse work to graduates without asking if they would be prepared to work for wages that do not take their degrees into account. The difference often isn't all that much anyway.

The other day I went to see the Toll Exchange where I was told "Sorry you're too highly-qualified. You'd get bored and leave quickly." Now this is possibly quite true, but having a degree doesn't increase your capacity for boredom To the contrary, it enables you to fill in hours of what would otherwise be boredom with pleasant memories of the good old days in the ivory tower and maybe... revolution? By passing our degrees we have become branded in a way that will destine us to a nice safe job sitting behind a desk or in front of a classroom, where we will be paid "for our degrees" and where we can cause no trouble Society would rather let us subvert students in schools than the real might of this country... its toll operators.




I would like to express disapproval with the management of this year's Oversea's Students' Orentation Day.

The choice between goulash or spring roll (at least thats what it looked like) is hardly the same quality of reception as we experienced from Herr Levenbach and Associates, the previous year, when we dined on lavish helpings of chicken and salads and ice cream 'n strawberries 'n all sorts of goodies.

Many other incidents during this years Orientation inspire me to write to you, Sir, so this may merely be the first of my many letters.

Alas, where are the snows of [unclear: an tan].

Gil Blas.


Despite the circumnabulatory nature of Raymond Forsyth's life, about which more I know and care not, and the verbal evidence that he so relishously imparts, I must temerously ingrate to dispute a certain modicum of his material. For certes, in fact, said scungy sponger must in no leisurely manner have enjoyed the breathness of a Taranaki breeze. In struth and verity do I state this matter from most fresh and oft-repeated visual evidence, that in those gentle pastoral dales and hills, so ruptically engorged by cocky denizens of the road, the constant, and, indeed, almost like a lover, unwavering statistics, in probity show:-
  • 74% Pall Mall (red)
  • 13% Pall Mall (green)
  • 4% Rothmans
  • 2% Capstan (very surprising, this one)
  • 2% Yes
  • 5% Other, faded, waterlogged &c

This, I must in all honesty impart, is likely to be shown of utmost importance as a lucid and unprintable indicator of the bovigerent incomprehensibility of the Taranaki Mentality.

John Hales.