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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 14. July 21, 1971

Auckland/Adelaide — International Film Festival


International Film Festival.

Some late festival news due to printing dates - the Auckland Adelaide Inter. Film. Fest (No. 3) is now on, and for those who wanted to go you have missed Eric Rohmer's My Night with Maud, Gaal's The Falcons, Godard's La Chinoise and not much else. For those wishing to thumb up for a few days or weekend, the best fest is still to come. I doubt very much at this stage what will eventually get screened commercially, but if you are in doubt, I'd say risk it. Worth your consideration: Wednesday 20th Le Depart, dir by Jerzy Skolimowski, a brilliant little film, shot by Kurant. I was privileged to see S in Sydney and his new film Deep End, which is magnificent: so if you loved Barrier, Depart is the natural resolution; Thursday, The Scandalous Adventures of Buraikan, by Shinoda (His Double Suicide has yet to be seen in Wellington): this, his latest, seems to be a chronicle, like Shinjuku; Friday, Dairy of a Teenager (Denmark) by Finn Karlsson (given a special R 18 for festival audiences only certificate - what a privilege!) on young love, uncut style! Saturday, first screening of Ken Loach's Kes, promises to be one of the fest's finest films; along with If.. Bronco Bullfrog, Performance, finest British film in years; Sunday Salt of the Black Earth (Poland) by Kazimierz Kutz, earthy and, well earthy etc; Sunday (nite) Yoshishige Yoshida's Eros & Massacre (Special R 18 priv.) lots a fun anyway; Monday (26th) Pasolini's Theorem, which no one should miss; in Sydney entire 2000 audience freaked messily out-hope you do, made in '68, it is still an unbelievably brilliant film from one of the world's greatest; Tuesday, The Dreamer director Wolman, Israel. I have been assured that Israeli films are better than Rumanian films. Someone should be; Wednesday's Une Femme Douce from St Robert de Bresson goes about as far as austerity can; though it is visually calmatic, it is pretty challenging stuff; last day, Thursday, is Bo Widerberg's beautiful Adalen '31 concerning strikers at turn of century in Sweden, colour resembling Renoir et al, and no Mozart. One condition this year (and rightly so) is that NO film cut by the Censors would be shown. Along with those mentioned above is Shindo's Libido (already shown on Sunday) and a thing by that movie-martian Franz Zwartjes (in the 16mm Fest prior) given the seal of approval.

Make your way..............................

Photo still from Theorem

Terence Stamp as the young man, in Pier Paolo Pasolini's Theorem' one of the most provoking films to be shown in the Adelaide/Auckland Film Festival, Monday July 26th, Stamp is the young guest of a wealthy family in Milan, whose visit becomes more of a visitation, and whose sensual, and sexual magnetism has a profound and finally destructive effect on each and every member of the household.