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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 13. Somewhere-in-July. 1971

Squash Raquets:

Squash Raquets:

It seems apparent that one of the more urgent developments in sports facilites on campus is the building of squash courts. The present situation is this;

At the moment students are playing at John Reid's Courts. During the day, between the hours of 9am to 12 noon and 2pm to 4.30pm, members of the V.U.W. Squash Club are charged 20c per half hour, and non-members are charged 30c per half hour to play at these courts. But members are also paying a $3.50 membership fee, as well as a Club Night charge. (If we were to have our own courts, the only costs to students would be 10c or 20c for light meter, and a membership fee.)

This is the cost to students. What about the costs to the club?

Over the last four years, court hire paid to John Reid's Squash Centre has been:
  • 1967 - $140.00
  • 1968 - $579.00
  • 1969 - $384.00
  • 1970 - $210.00 (due to 3 courts not 5 being used in order to cut costs)

In addition the club has had to pay a certain amount per member each year to the Squash Centre. Last year this amounted to $180.00.

[unclear: The] next point to consider is the availability of facilites. The Club runs for the middle term only. Any student may play throughout the year between 9am and 12 noon, and 2pm and 4.30pm, but it is virtually impossible to obtain courts at night. In any event, students playing at night time or in the weekends, pay 60c each per half hour. Another disadvantage is that there is no club Room. This seriously hampers the social activities which play such an important part in the functioning of any club.

Photo of a woman playing badminton

What then is wanted by the Squash Racquets Club?

Ideally our own squash centre which should contain three courts, two changing rooms, a club room overlooking all 3 courts, and our own hot water system.

The advantages of our own courts would be that any student could play squash at any time for a minimal cost. This would ensure that membership and spirit in the club were high, that the standard would increase, and that tournaments (including Winter tournament) would be much more easily and efficiently run. Winter Tournament would be much cheaper to run, and we would not be required to fit in with permanent bookings beyond our control. The estimated cost of a sperate building containing these facilites would be about $60,000.

It is worth pointing out that at Otago University, 800 students are willing to pay a much higher sub than our present one to enjoy facilites very similar to those we would like.

(Thanks to "The Report of the V. U.W. Squash Club" for the info needed for this article).