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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 13. Somewhere-in-July. 1971

Snooker and Billiards:

Snooker and Billiards:

This year an inter-university snooker contest was arranged by the Otago University Billiards Club for Easter Tournament. The O.U.B.C. has been going for many years, and consequently its facilities are excellent. The competition went off very well, and the Victoria team won he snooker trophy and the trophy for the highest break in billiards. The Snooker Trophy will be displayed in the Student Union. This was a great achievement for a club only one month old at the time, and proves there is much potential within our university.

The club has held several club nights (Tuesdays) at the Saint George Billiard Room, as well as the knock-out and league competitions which have been arranged to gain more members. At the present time there are about 25 members of whom about 14 are actively participating in the competitions.

The main purpose of the club at present is to let students know that billiards does exist as a sport within the university, and can be played at Tournaments. Many play the game simply as a pastime, and fo relaxation. Surely compeition can only make a better play and thus create more pleasure.

Both billiards and snooker were only invitation sports in tournament at Otago, but if this competition can be arranged for four successive years then the sport becomes official and counts towards overall Tournament points. So, the interest-within the university must be maintained so that teams can be sent away to Tournaments each year and win points for their university. To do this a core of interested students must be established this year.

Both Otago and Canterbury have Billiard tables on campus and thus it is easier for them to keep clubs going. Our exec has just turned down a submission by the Vic Club to purchase a pool table (20c a shot).* Such a pool table would pay itself off within a year, and eventually provide enough money to buy a full-size table. But since it seems this will not be the case, we must look to hiring a table for future use. All the sport needs is equipment; this cannot come from the club itself at the present time, and it should be the duty of page break the Union to support this sport, which is becoming increasingly popular.

After Easter Tournament a N.Z. University Billiards Council was set up, and all information concerning players is being sent to he Otago Club, the Central Control for 1971. The enthusiasm, imagination and confidence of the Otago Club is seen by their trying to arrange a Pacific University Billiard Tournament at Winter Tournament, 1972. This plan will not eventuate unless support from universites for their clubs is forthcoming.

A patron for the club is being sought, and tutoring may be arranged. It is hoped to arrange Snooker at Easter Tournament, and Billiards at Winter Tournament every year. If the clubs now in existence have the backing of their unions then universities at present having no club may be persuaded to take an interest in the sport.

Arrangements are being made to hold a Billiard-Compeition at Winter Tournament this year. The team will be picked after knockout and league competitions are completed. All players are welcome to the club - amateurs or professionals - at the end of the year prizes will be awarded to the top player, and the most improved player, in he club.

For any info., please contact:

Doug Beagle (club captian) 757-4 78 Bill Marshall (secretary) 759-982