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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 13. Somewhere-in-July. 1971



Now then, just who is "Gabriel Veysey"? Science has not yet achieved quick-change personalities but chum if you read this turd's twaddle in the last issue, you can't help but note that the worst qualities of "two certain rugby writers in certain local newspapers" have been combined in one crap-composing correspondent describing himself as the said "Gabriel Veysey".

I don't know whether he has been tossed out of the Rugby Club's rooms by Ian Dunn for blocking the bar or some other misdemeanour but he sure seems to be uptight about that guy. While I. Dunn may not be exactly reticent in what he has to say, (and his stories certainly bear this out), merely a subjective tirade such as that in the last "Salient" goes too far.

At least we do get opinions from some rugby administrator even if we don't all agree with his comments. Anyone with only minimal journalistic experience would surely prefer Dunn's waffle to the stubborn "no comment" voiced so often by other and more prominent rugby administrators.

If "Gabriel Veysey" wanted objectivity and coherence in the sporting section I would have thought he might lead the way. Opinion, even egotistical, provocative opinion, makes easier reading (and probably better circulation figures) than dull statistical processions analysing results which are stale in my case.

What do we learn from this individual's criticism?... Nothing! - Except that he has a capacity to creat a cacophony of crudity. Sorry about the alliteration but if cruds like him can't be constructive and objective (Hell, even his quotations come from "a certain newspaper" and not classical sources as those of Ian Dunn) is that he should either keep his mouth shut or ask the good Chairman Mao for some literary advice!

Alex David.

There are 17 playing teams in the rugby club. Not one repesentative of any of these teams approached me at any stage with copy about his team and its progress.

But this apathy (excuse the cliche) is not only typical of the rugby club It extends right through the sporting life of this university. I am constantly ringing the same administrators of the same clubs to get them to contribute. It appears that no amount of begging or cajoling on my part will every meet with success except with the handful of willing contributors to whom I shall be eternally grateful.

Ian Dunn is one of these, and I wish to publicly thank him for the work he has put into the sports section of this newspaper.

Peter Winter