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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 12. June 16, 1971

The Love Shop

The Love Shop

Earlier in the year reports reached Wellington of a very strange shop in Auckland. This shop did not sell things it gave them away.

From a place where people could bring objects for which they had no further use, and obtain things they required has grown several varied groups of activities. There is a scheme for distributing food to needy persons; rooms where people may hold meetings; and a free art gallery, where student and other artists who cannot afford to exhibit elsewhere may show their works.

Why you may ask, is this project necessary; Churches already run social service centres to cater for these needs.

I feel that it is necessary because there are groups in society that have grown disenchanted with the organized religions and their activities, and their lofty viewpoints.

Now Wellington has an opportunity to gain a centre such as the one operating in Auckland. Marcus, one of the people involved in the Auckland shop has come to Wellington to try to interest people in establishing such a centre. Premises have been found at 90 Vivian St and the shop will hopefully open in a couple of weeks.

A centre such as this could be a means whereby we can break down some of the barriers between people - between pensioners and long hair - between the lonely and dispirited people of this rather souless capital city.

It won't work, you say, People will take, but they won't give. People will take much more than they need and the whole system will collapse.

I hope that it won't. If we have some faith in our fellow men we should believe that it will work. It will require support and voluntary labour so when it does start - support it and help break down the barriers between ourselves.