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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 12. June 16, 1971

On Ian Dunn on Rugby

On Ian Dunn on Rugby

Just who is Ian Dunn? You may well ask mate, sit down and prepare yourself for the tremendous disclosue as to the identity of this crud. Ian Dunn is the "first deputy club-captain" of our illustrious thug by club. You'll never disagree with him again, now will you? But will you continue to read the shit he writes in each issue of - what's the name of our newspaper again?

It seems in time-honoured tradition that all rugby players, (like myself, are (a) ignorant or (b) insular, or (c) both. But surely not a person holding the estimible position which 'Dunny" (as I believe his friends rather appropriately call him) fulfills.

Yet, every week, the Sports section of ? farts out an "Ian Dunn on Rugby" which is really "Ian Dunn on Ian Dunn". Christ, this man has neither journalistic expertise nor journalistic discretion.

Do we get an objective and coherent report on rugby in our university? Not on your nelly mate! We get instead a jumbled, emotive diatribe on what Ian Dunn thinks is the case, or should be the case, that's what we get mate.

So Ian Dunn doesn't agree with Mike Poremnet when the latter maintains that short hair is a necessary condition for one's being mature and respectable. But the rugby column of... yes, that's it "Salient"... isn't the place to voice his opinions. And so all his team have long hair and staggered along to practice after sinking piss at "Splash" - no need for him to spring to their defence in the rugby column, where what is wanted is factual, unbaised reporting.

Only a certain rugby writer in a certain local newspaper could hope to match his literary ability. This same writer is on record as writing that "The All Black back movements were as ragged as the lowest! clothes of the Bantu in the crowd." Yet not even this equals Dunn's comment that some are "languishing on he sideline" every Saturday "like some village Hampden yet unborn". See what I mean eh?

Winter, you must be bloody short of copy to include this sort of drivel. Aren't you meant to edit it?

Sorry I've raved on a bit Rog, but I do wish that at least you'd do something about your sports pages. Why else does one bother to read your paper anyway?

Gabriel Vey sey

P.S. Why not send Winter and Dunn to China with a rugby team? Hell they could out write you friend Mao - think of that.