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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 12. June 16, 1971

How does the Scheme fit in with other Faculties and Universities?

How does the Scheme fit in with other Faculties and Universities?

The duodecimal system was chosen partly on the grounds that it was the system which conflicted least with the present system (e.g. the Commerce Faculty) and the other types of sub-unit courses available (e.g. the Science Faculty quarter and third units). Major difficulties in cross-crediting are therefore not likely within this university.

Cross-crediting of units gained at other N.Z. Universities, (with the exception of Waikato) should present no more difficulties, than will crediting of units already passed at Victoria. The conversion basis will still be 1 unit = 12 credits.

Crediting of courses gained at Waikato towards a Victoria B.A. will be complicated as Waikato operate a vastly different system of credits to all other N.Z. Universities. The new system should not make a great deal of difference. The Committee which originally considered the various methods of making sub-unit courses available, did examine the Waikato system. The obstacles to such a scheme were far too great however and the Faculty has settled for a scheme which fits the present situation and other faculties most easily.

So far as courses passed at this University under the proposed regulations are concerned, the situation is more uncertain. No problem arises where courses are of 12 credits value - that is, equivalent to the present unit. For courses of 6 credits of 4 or 3 credits, the situation is more complex. It is likely, given the system of co-requisites and prerequisites, that most courses will be grouped in a student's course in a fashion that will in some way resemble a cluster of units.

There are two problems involved here (1) the carrying over of a certain amount of credit for courses passed (2) permission to proceed in a particular subject.

The first problem can probably easily be met by the 12 credits = 1 unit conversion which will operate within Victoria.

The second problem will find different solutions in each case, as it does now. Since such permission is normally granted in terms of areas covered rather than names or dimensions of courses, the problem will probably not be much greater under the new system.

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