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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 12. June 16, 1971

Places of Residence for Students

Places of Residence for Students

1. No student may reside in any premises other than the home of the student's parents or guardians, of which the Council upon such grounds as it thinks fit disapproves as a place of residence for such student.

3. The Proctor is always ready to assist the occupiers of student flats in preventing a public disturbance which causes annoyance to neighbours and other students. Students are invited to give the Proctor prior notice of any parties which may attract the attention of unwelcome gate-crashers. As a rule the student occupiers of flats will be held responsible for misconduct which originates from their premises, especially in cases where the assistance of the Proctor has not been sought in advance. See also Section VII.

In respect of dances the following additional conditions apply:
(a)The only liquor consumed at the dance shall be supplied pursuant to the permit.
(b)No liquor shall be taken into the premises by any guest or other person while the dance is being held.

Not more than one permit in respect of a dance shall be granted in any year to any one

15. Drunkedness or any breaches of the licensing laws will be regarded by the Council as a ground for severe disciplinary action.

Photo of a student sit-in