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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 12. June 16, 1971

The Proctor

The Proctor

1. The Council may from time to time appoint an officer known as the Proctor, or any other officer, to investigate complaints from students or others into alleged cases of misconduct either in any premises or in a public place.

2. Any officer so authorised may take such action as shall in his opinion be reasonable and necessary in the circumstances, including, if he thinks fit, calling the police. He may require any student to supply his or her name and address and may report the names and circumstances to either the Provost, or if he thinks fit, to the Executive for further action. Failure on the part of a student to supply his name and address at the request of the Proctor shall be deemed to be misconduct.

3. The Proctor shall have the right of entry into the residences of students only if he has written authority to enter for a specified purpose, such authority to be signed by the Provost or Vice-Chancellor, and only if an occupant of such residence is present. Without such authority the Proctor shall be obliged to inform the occupants of such residence that he has no right of entry unless the occupants give their permission for him to enter. However, where the Proctor has reasonable grounds for believing that a disturbance is taking place he may take appropriate action, including entry into a student residence to interview the occupants, provided that at the first opportunity a report is made to the Provost and to the President of the Otago University Students' Association Incorporated.

8. The Registrar, under the direction of the Chairman of the Board of Discipline, shall give to any student whose conduct is to be subject of any enquiry by the Board, not less than three days' written notice setting forth the nature of the misconduct charged against such student with such particulars of date and place as may be reasonable under the circumstances. The Board may, if it thinks fit, grant further time to the student and may adjourn the proceedings from time to time.

14. The Registrar shall act as Secretary to the Board. He shall issue to members of the Board, students, witnesses, prosecutors and others, such notices as these Regulations, the Chairman or the Chancellor shall direct. He shall attend every enquiry held by the Board, and, under direction of the Chairman, shall keep minutes of all the Board's proceedings which shall record the nature of any alleged misconduct enquired into by the Board, the effect of all evidence received by the Board, and the terms of every decision come to by the Board. He shall also file all documentary matter used at every enquiry that the Board is free to retain.

6. Any money payment imposed under these regulations, except fines levied by the Executive, shall be paid to the Registrar within twenty-one (21) days and shall form part of the funds of the University. If payment is not made within that time or any extended time that may be granted by the Chairman of the Board of Discipline or by the Provost, the student in default shall not be deemed to have kept terms for the year in which the payment was imposed, and shall be excluded from the precincts of the University.

7. It is the duty of all students, members of the teaching staff, and servants of the University, to attend before the Provost or the Vice-Chancellor or before the Board of Discipline when required to do so. Neglect of this duty by a student is misconduct within these Regulations.