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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 12. June 16, 1971



"It's a dog-eat-dog world."

"It's a dog-eat-dog world."

I am a very discontented student of Bus. Admin II which seems to me to be teaching everything, I must stand against. Everybody has read of how corporations are making immense amounts of money (half a million got from Quantas - hurrah!) and it seems that these enterprises are expanding simply because the mangers can not think of any other use for energy and resources. Warnings of ecological disasters, pollution, congestion and anomie are treated as if they do not exist by the Admin. Dept; which seems to concerned with turning out managers for the very organisations which spell the downfall of our society.

The situation is in a sense ironical. We have big organisations and modern technology and have to think up a use for it. As a result the budding business managers of Bus. Admin II are learning the techniques of mass persuasion, to persuade people that they need the goods the organisations are turning out. Take the automobile industry in the U.S. for instance. This started out at the beginning of the century as a useful enterprise, remarkably suited to American conditions, but it has qutgrown its proper size, and is now destroying cities and lives, with careless abandon. Bus Admin II is teaching us how to run such overgrown monstrosities, with never a word on the social or economic costs. It seems that ease of administration, is in the long run, all that matters.

Organisations today are expanding meaninglessly with a growing tendency to exclude human beings as useless. They have no meaning for they are in most cases creating a demand instead of meeting it, and preventing the check of the free market to give way to monopolies, subsidies and captive consumers. Our society is becoming an establishment of managers who license and allot resources, and who delude themselves that they alone know what is best for the people. Thus the common people become docile clients, maintained by millions of dollars being wasted on advertising, which could be spent on purposes for the good of the society as a whole, (such as education) Those who don't conform to the way of life set down by the organisations and the managerial elite which the Bus Admin Dept. seems so set on turning out, are treated as deviants.

The managers of our large organisations and the Business Admin Dept. can not understand that we no longer want to co-operate with such a system, and who can blame people from trying to escape the facism of the managerial elite, who are making the moral and esthetic standards of our society.

Bus. Admin to me, can only be valid when industry (which is a necessity) is judged by their managers in economic, social and human costs.

Name withheld by request

I write to contradict a misstatement repeated in two recent issues of Salient, concerning the exlusion regulations. On 21st April an article on limitation of en rolment said: "Last year these regulations, conceived of as an essential short-term measure, had assumed such a permanence...". And in the latest issue, towards the end of the centre spread article, we read: "When last, the administration spoke of "temporary measures" to ease accomodation, a set of exclusion regulations was introduced which is now an accepted part of student life".

While the possibility of exclusion on various grounds had been contemplated in drafting the acts establishing the several universities, the move to implement such a policy in this University came from one of the Faculties, which reported to the Professorial Board (15/2/62) that "The Faculty has begun to give consideration to the possibility of excluding students on the ground of insufficient academic progress". In subsequent discussions pressure on space was mentioned as an additional reason why unsuccessful students should not be allowed to occupy a place indefinitely, but it was never the main reason. It was not involved in the original proposal, nor in the drafting of the regulations, but I have been called on from time to time to participate in their application and have never previously heard the suggestion that the exclusion regulations were conceived as temporary; nothing of the sort appears in the relevant Board minutes.

It is perfectly proper for Salient or anyone else to debate the merits of exclusion of unsatisfactory students, or of limitation of enrolments, but keep the facts right:
i)The exclusion regulations were not conceived in the administration but in the teaching departments.
ii)Their primary purpose was and is academic, rather than space-saving.
iii)They were not conceived as a temporary measure, and were not so represented.

H.D. Gordon Professor of Botany

There are suggestions to abolish or forbid the existence of all National Clubs and to replace such clubs by one club only, such as the International Club. I would like to question the soundness of such a move.

It seems to me that the basic principle controlling and allowing for all campus activities is the freedom of any student to do what he likes so long as it does not restrict the freedom of other students to do what they like.

It seems to me also that the formation of all national clubs (Indonesian, Thai, Malaysian, Fijian etc etc) has been done willingly and consciously. Any doubt about this can easily be solved by asking the students concerned.

Krap Radio cartoon

Now therefore Sir, it further seems to me that to ask these students to disband and join the International Club is in direct contradiction to the 'free' principle outlined above.

Of course, this would not be so if all the students concerned are agreeable to disband. The present view seems they want to retain the status quo.

Therefore, may I suggest that the perpetrators of the one-world thing do some convassing instead of making arm-chair suggestions and trying their luck at moving motions at our A.G.M.s or S.G.M.s to achieve what they want although consensus has not be reached.

Nationalism or Internationalism? Enough has been written in the books. I would like to express one point, though, that is, in internationalism or one-worldism, all nations must be included and let there be no conditions or what have you?

President cartoon

By all means, lets share and share alike.

Hee Kiang

I am a head. I like being a head. In fact I can't understand what I did with my time before I became a head. Nowdays I spend most of my time stoned; its the only way to live and I feel sorry for straights who don't turn on. They don't know what they're missing man.

Mind you, I don't think some people should turn on. Lushes for example ruin the scene when they turn on because they become noisy and very uncool. If you're a proper head you don't drink too much. Its just not where its at. When I am with my friends we get stoned or drop a trip and we sit around being very peaceful and philosophizing about universal concepts. I think I am a genius. I must be because I think such great thoughts. I tell people of my genius, in a subtle way of course, just in case they don't realise how lucky they are to be able to trip with me.

Citizens cartoons

Acid has made me realize that the world would be a lot better place if everyone dropped a trip. They they would realise that the things they think are important in life and get hung up about, such as work, getting a degree, job, neat chick etc are irrelevant. Capitalists would realise that just making money isn't what life is all about and pretty soon grass and acide would be legalised. I'm already getting prepared for that day. Through dealings I have managed to accumulate quite a lot of bread and I am going to set up a head shop where freaks can buy roachpins, pipes, pyschedelic lights and other such things. Anyway as I was saying, I dropped out of varsity. The whole scene became too much of a hassle after a while and I began to get stoned more and more often. Anyway, everyone knows that education only conditions you to think in the wrong way. If everyone could respond naturally to their senses instead of having them clogged up with artificial stimulii they'd be a lot happier. Happy people page break are always more loving and tolerant as well. That's another thing acid has taught me, tolerance.

Police with gun cartoon

I am a very tolerant person. However, I prefer the company of other heads as straights disrupt my karmic peace by talking about things other than tripping, fuck! any head knows these are the only things worth talking about.

Yes, its a good life if you're a head. Time and other mundane hangups of this world just vanish away. After all, it is only 'all in the mind'.

Another head.

This year I have seen in Wellington "capping books" produced by Otago, Canterbury, Lincoln, Victoria and Massey. I may have missed two or three others produced further north.

All of these "books" have had their own character and some merit.

But what a tremendous waste of effort and money for a small community like New Zealand to produce so many similar publications at the one time.

Why not save both the above scarce resources by producing one for the whole of New Zealand. Under the editorship of, say, the NZUSA. Contributions could be accepted from all centres and collated into one bumper issue for distribution over the whole of the country. What do you think?

A.M. Burns

Number 6 cartoon

It was just a jelly monster they said like the one we had for Xmas only grey instead of red. He didn't want it anyway. He had discussed such things with all his mates: They were doing Honours and they could prove with resounding rhetoric how a foetus was no human being.

Have it done, they counselled sagely. Have it done - fear not Bourgeois morality: Be not intimidated by the Establishment: be free!!

Number 7 cartoon

But I saw it when they tore it from my womb. It had my form - arms, legs, head, such a toad like face - and I knew I could have loved it.

I never saw a Christmas jelly look so like a child.

I never felt less free.

Please withhold name - or don't print the letter!

Number 5 cartoon

If you want to see apathy in action, attend an S.R.C. That on Thursday 3rd was over so quickly that the Common Room crowd was barely aware it had begun.

The only matter to stir more than a ripple of interest was a discussion about whether Mrs Stevenson, M.P. for Taupo was a big enough prick to be given honorary white status. The meeting decided she didn't match up.

Reports from representatives and general announcements from the President were barely noticed, and the appointments of International Affairs Officer and Accomodation Officer were over in the time it takes to say the name of the single candidate applying.

So this is the pure form of democracy in action!