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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 12. June 16, 1971

[Letter from anonymous]

It was just a jelly monster they said like the one we had for Xmas only grey instead of red. He didn't want it anyway. He had discussed such things with all his mates: They were doing Honours and they could prove with resounding rhetoric how a foetus was no human being.

Have it done, they counselled sagely. Have it done - fear not Bourgeois morality: Be not intimidated by the Establishment: be free!!

Number 7 cartoon

But I saw it when they tore it from my womb. It had my form - arms, legs, head, such a toad like face - and I knew I could have loved it.

I never saw a Christmas jelly look so like a child.

I never felt less free.

Please withhold name - or don't print the letter!

Number 5 cartoon

If you want to see apathy in action, attend an S.R.C. That on Thursday 3rd was over so quickly that the Common Room crowd was barely aware it had begun.

The only matter to stir more than a ripple of interest was a discussion about whether Mrs Stevenson, M.P. for Taupo was a big enough prick to be given honorary white status. The meeting decided she didn't match up.

Reports from representatives and general announcements from the President were barely noticed, and the appointments of International Affairs Officer and Accomodation Officer were over in the time it takes to say the name of the single candidate applying.

So this is the pure form of democracy in action!