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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 12. June 16, 1971

[Letter from Name withheld by request]

"It's a dog-eat-dog world."

"It's a dog-eat-dog world."

I am a very discontented student of Bus. Admin II which seems to me to be teaching everything, I must stand against. Everybody has read of how corporations are making immense amounts of money (half a million got from Quantas - hurrah!) and it seems that these enterprises are expanding simply because the mangers can not think of any other use for energy and resources. Warnings of ecological disasters, pollution, congestion and anomie are treated as if they do not exist by the Admin. Dept; which seems to concerned with turning out managers for the very organisations which spell the downfall of our society.

The situation is in a sense ironical. We have big organisations and modern technology and have to think up a use for it. As a result the budding business managers of Bus. Admin II are learning the techniques of mass persuasion, to persuade people that they need the goods the organisations are turning out. Take the automobile industry in the U.S. for instance. This started out at the beginning of the century as a useful enterprise, remarkably suited to American conditions, but it has qutgrown its proper size, and is now destroying cities and lives, with careless abandon. Bus Admin II is teaching us how to run such overgrown monstrosities, with never a word on the social or economic costs. It seems that ease of administration, is in the long run, all that matters.

Organisations today are expanding meaninglessly with a growing tendency to exclude human beings as useless. They have no meaning for they are in most cases creating a demand instead of meeting it, and preventing the check of the free market to give way to monopolies, subsidies and captive consumers. Our society is becoming an establishment of managers who license and allot resources, and who delude themselves that they alone know what is best for the people. Thus the common people become docile clients, maintained by millions of dollars being wasted on advertising, which could be spent on purposes for the good of the society as a whole, (such as education) Those who don't conform to the way of life set down by the organisations and the managerial elite which the Bus Admin Dept. seems so set on turning out, are treated as deviants.

The managers of our large organisations and the Business Admin Dept. can not understand that we no longer want to co-operate with such a system, and who can blame people from trying to escape the facism of the managerial elite, who are making the moral and esthetic standards of our society.

Bus. Admin to me, can only be valid when industry (which is a necessity) is judged by their managers in economic, social and human costs.

Name withheld by request