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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 10. 1971

Capping Week

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Capping Week

Whatever happened to all the shabby students? Judging by the numbers that took an active part in Capping Week this Varsity has about 600 students, not 6,000. The fact is that the great bulk of students couldn't be bothered or thought that they were too busy with work.

These are the people, the ones who are turning our University into a deadpan institution downtown. The University as well as a place of learning should be a community. Hell, there are 6,000 young intelligent people here, surely we can have some sort of social life. The students who organised Capping Week this year had this in mind. They went out of their way to organise a week of social activities and if you did not participate then the chances are that you are one of the dead-shits.

The heads of various departments did not make it any easier. They refused to comply with the ruling of the Professorial Board and the Vice Chancellor that lectures and exams be cancelled from 11 - 2 p.m. on "Procesh"day.

Nevertheless we had Capping Week, and here's a rundown of what happened. The Warig-Taylor Street Warriors helped stuff up the stunts and treasure hunt by arresting a few Weir House inmates for theft of road signs.

The Miss Vic Contest was well attended even if it was the Woman's Lib who were present. Admittedly its a bit of a farce, but hell surely its better than working in the library! It's all part of the weeks social activities. The forces of the Ho Chi Minge attacked the Miss Vic Contest in a well planned tit offensive. One cannot help be sceptical of their motives when a group of the biggest pigs at Varsity disrupt a contest aimed at finding the best looking chick on campus. It is like a delegation of lepers picketing the clerasil factory.

The three balls held during the week were shit hot. In what is perhaps a Varsity first, the piss was still flowing at the end at both the grad balls. An unscheduled male burlesque show stirred some of the more immature graduates at the Thursday night ball to smash a few glasses and doors etc.

Procesh went off O.K., but with a few floats short this year. A handful of city business firms helped with trucks and materials, but most politely said "get stuffed". The Fijian Students' Association won first prize with a well prepared float, and the Chemistry Society was second. Unfortunately the Parade was rushed through town by the authorities, but we did manage to shock a few people on the way. Students did not seem as pissed this year as in previous years. This is a bad sign.

The tea party for orphans was a great success. Sarah Bradshaw, Lois Ongley and Co. were swamped with screaming kids and balloons. The Maori Club performed action songs, part of the Varsity dance theatre danced and the Folk Club folked. Everyone had a folking good time.

"Splash" succeeded in what it set out to achieve. By getting pissed at our own show we caused as little disruption as possible downtown. Things turned a bit shabby after a while and the piss had to be turned off when there was still 300 gallons left. It still wasn't the same as smashing up the Gresham.

The Charity Collection realised just over $1,000. It was great to collect this money, but even this amount could have been doubled if you had pulled your finger out.

Photos Spencer Digby

Erin Dunlealy—Miss Vic 1971

Erin Dunlealy—Miss Vic 1971

Capping Ball couple

Photo of a grad