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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 10. 1971

More disjointed somethings from the house on the hill

More disjointed somethings from the house on the hill

This is to tell all you chaps that we were a bit amazed by last week's drug crazed soul searching by Snelling and Neville. The latter of course has a fair standing in the shit and rock music scene which is about what the counter-culture is, counted as a political pressure group which is the only way anyone counts, believe it or not. They groove all over the world and they form a percentage of every European—work that out—community. Even from these antipodean perspectives they sometime have a vague idea what goes on. So we are inescapably led to the conclusion that something is radically wrong in this scene. Could it be that we don't know enough? That is about scenes like history. The original happy movement was a bizarre application of acid to the problem of what to do about all the problems. All these bastards copped out of the energy business unless bread was concerned except a few political freaks and they haven't set a very good example either.

Dealing and music are at least sometimes rewarding to the people they entertain but politics doesn't entertain anyone except lunatics who think they're heavy enough to merit everybody else's attention. So? Neville and his chum find that this L.B.J. stuff not only doesn't effect any chromosomal changes, but that it might be better if it had. And they hold up their little stranglers and scream! Fuck, this disillusion scene has been done before, chaps, but never so crassly. What the sane individual needs in these vexed times is less acid and more effort. There's no need to keep acid illegal but it's obvious that however it's handled it better be carefully. There's no reason why a sane person shouldn't trip when he wants to, provided he Really wants to and is sane, and that doesn't leave as many as you'd think. But our welfare service including such celebrated, nay, august progressives as [unclear: are] are right behind us in our Strenuous Efforts to get grass legalized. If anyone really wants to organize the obvious people to get at are the breweries, because in ten or twelve years Every-Body in this little country is going to be smoking dope. By then, even here, whatever impossible sort of government we have is going to have to think about legalizing smack, because it's not out of the question that a thirdor so of the population will be addicted to it; it has happened before. Turkey and China aren't in very good shape but Opium has been effectively legal in both these countries at times in history and they are still, in a sense, there on the map, with a population and sanitation and assassination and all that shit. They adapted to it in the curious way that the human animal has, although it's hard to see how we can evolve out of the present state of affairs fast enough. The root of the problem that is fatuously called the generation gap is that a proportion of the population is privileged in political and economic power and the other half knows too much—mainly about the wrong things, and hardly ever about the things that might help them Think about the shit of a situation they're in: Who made it is irrelevant.

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