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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 10. 1971



Professionalism is not a Salient feature. In the great "Schoolboy mag" tradition the reader encounters a comic strip (last issue, two pages of them). No, not a clever satire, or a work of art, no even is it hilariously funny, as you might expect from 6,000 bright (?) university students. It is just so predictable each week, and the creator, like Mr Holyoake, is "unaware". I feel as sick as that blasted cat, and if I ever met him I would personally flush him down the toilet.

The rest of the paper is a load of biased rubbishing surely we know by now what Woman's Lib is, and all about Trotskyists and that shit does exist (on every page). How about something new, something that doesn't smell as much and is written in English that isn't so overworked and hackneyed that the words just lie on the page like neat rows of old worn out boots that have lost their kick.

Isn't there anyone at Vic who can write and think.

C'mon Victorians! Don't let Salient be run by Salien ians since "in the midst of our activity we have so little that is salient or characteristic of life".

John D. Kennelly