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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 9. 1971

[One in Five Team]

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"One in Five Team" at end of successful season. J. Clarke, C. Downes, R. Hal) (Capt.), H. Wong. sealed D. Smith (V-Capt. & Mascot)

If you missed "One in Five" relax. It'll be back again for another run at the end of June.

"One in Five", presented during the last week of the first term, had a fantastic run, having full houses for nearly every performance. The only times when people weren't turned away were for the two late night shows (when half a dozen seats were to spare) and the first night. As it was the cast had to put on one more performance than planned, and this was quickly filled. John Clarke undoubtedly was the star of the show with his cool off-beat style but Dave Smith came a close second with his impersonation of the National Band.

It had been hoped to arrange the return season earlier but the theatre was fully booked. However the delay gives the cast a chance to include new material which is already being written so for people who see "One in Five" again there will be something new to laugh at. And we think that one person who missed it the first time around will be there the next time....

Unity Theatre is presenting its first major production of the year at the present time. It is the Ted Hughes adaptation of Seneca's "Oedipus". Hugh Phillip, who plays the lead role, is seen here in rehearsal with Jane Thompson, who plays the dual role of his mother and his wife.

This traditional Greek tragedy, is transferred in Unity's production to a modern environment, where it is hoped the similarity between the violence of Seneca's prose and plot, and the uglyness of a technological world can be shown.

In transferring "Oedipus" to an environment with easily identifiable symbols, this production uses those symbols (TV, radio, pop songs, film) in an endeavour to show the influence or non-influence of political leaders on the mass. The traditional Greek chorus has been converted into that "mass". The plague of Thebes which both Oedipus and the people try to overcome is seen in this context as the forces of technological knowledge and economic pressure.

The production is directed by Paul Maunder, recent winner of the Ngaio Marsh TV play-writing award, and director of the late-night spot at Downstage, "I Rode My Horse Down the Road".

"Oedipus" is running for two weeks until the 29th May, at Unity Theatre, 1 Kent Terrace.

Jocasta (Jane Thompson) and Hugh Phillip as Oedipus