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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 9. 1971

The Building Programme

The Building Programme.

The present building [unclear: programme]
(i)Kirk Extension, at [unclear: present]
(ii)Physics & Earth [unclear: Sciences,]
(iii)Von Zedlitz, in course of [unclear: p]
(iv)Second arts tower, [unclear: planning]
(v)Extra floor(s) on [unclear: Easterfield]

Kirk Extension: The completed [unclear: l] undergraduate labs, four staff [unclear: stu] areas. Some relief is afforded [unclear: Bo] to the university as a whole [unclear: will] is completed, hopefully for the [unclear: l] This will add two lecture [unclear: theatre] rooms: (One classroom, [unclear: capacity] 8000 volumes in a library, [unclear: but] space: adequate undergraduate [unclear: I] Zoology but only short-term [unclear: rel] complex, including the existing altered, will provide 38 staff [unclear: spa] provides 32 - a gain of 6.

Physic and Earth Sciences [unclear: Build] six months: it will provide - 3 [unclear: 1] 200, 200), 3 classrooms ([unclear: capacit] laboratory relief to Geology, [unclear: Ge] consequence of the shift from [unclear: th] to Chemistry and [unclear: Biochemistry:] departmental libraries, but no [unclear: sip] places: 80 non-science and [unclear: 106] of 186.

The building, if work begins [unclear: im] stages:
  • December 1973: geology [unclear: spac] staff [unclear: studie]
  • December 1975 : geography [unclear: sp]
  • December 1976: some [unclear: physics]
  • December 1977: remaining [unclear: ph]

Von Zedlitz: will provide: two [unclear: t] 4 classrooms (80), 14 seminar [unclear: re] classrooms will permit [unclear: conversion] Brown for library use, [unclear: although] to permit any significant [unclear: expanisi] staff studies and 21 secretarial [unclear: re] will be lost by the demolition [unclear: of] the building, the net gain is [unclear: 89.] and occupied in 1973, the [unclear: classes] page break [unclear: 2] technical and 60 [unclear: s] 305 places for [unclear: nd]relics on a further

[unclear: le] in houses and major [unclear: t], and the Library areas [unclear: are] occupied by welfare [unclear: utions], leaving a [unclear: poses]. A further 12 [unclear: y] annexe, leaving a total [unclear: inferior] properties [unclear: g] them up to reasonable

[unclear: ble] staff studies in sight [unclear: er], about 40 vacancies [unclear: and] the filling of only [unclear: up] the existing space.

[unclear: or] lab, or in the library, [unclear: of] accommodation, [unclear: over] is his (unstated) [unclear: should] be retained [unclear: main] argument - that [unclear: to] fall below its [unclear: ards] are to be (at [unclear: ot] be appointed and [unclear: owth], a deterioration [unclear: by] stabilising student [unclear: the] faculty and [unclear: ate] areas of marked [unclear: um] teems deliberately to [unclear: If] to a "total" [unclear: 's] case.) Similarly [unclear: e] has at any stage [unclear: istrators] towards the [unclear: student] ratio is the [unclear: ns] in academic and [unclear: struction] [unclear: n deferred]

[unclear: se] of planning.

[unclear: wing] provides four [unclear: storage] and preparation [unclear: Zoology], but no relief [unclear: led] until the main block [unclear: on].

[unclear: ity] 350,170) three seminar [unclear: ll] be lost). Storage for [unclear: cant] increase in reader [unclear: relief] to Botany and [unclear: earch] space: the whole [unclear: ding] which is to be [unclear: existing] building

[unclear: truction] has been deferred [unclear: eatres] (capacities 350, [unclear: seminar] rooms: [unclear: and] Physics, and, as a [unclear: field], immediate relief [unclear: nor] relief from enlarged [unclear: increase] of reader [unclear: staff] studies - a gain

[unclear: will] be completed in

[unclear: theatres], 20 non-science

[unclear: ion]-science studies.

[unclear: and] 37 non-science studies. [unclear: e].

[unclear: capacity] 350, 150), [unclear: 0] library places (the extra [unclear: ower] classrooms in Rankine [unclear: fer] of English is unlikely [unclear: rary] reading areas): 102 [unclear: hough] because 34 places [unclear: in] Kelburn Parade for [unclear: er] block could be completed [unclear: ek] by 1974.

Second arts tower will be similar to the Von Zedlitz building, but at present space schedules have not been drawn up; additions are likely to include: two theatres (capacity 300, 200), 10 seminar rooms: the transfer of the Commerce and Administration Faculty from two floors of the Rankine Brown could provide 500-600 additional library reader places. As 90 staff studies will be lost in the Rankine Brown to Library expansion, 25-30 through further demolition on Kelburn Parade, the net loss in staff study places will be 115-120. Thus any increase will be small. This could be available in 1975 provided Ramsey House was sold to the university.

Easterfield extension. Only one floor can be added, most of which will provide additional research space and is unlikely to have an effect on the space problems under consideration. It could be available for 1974.

Likelihood of this target being achieved. On all the University's experience of Grants Committee and Government procedures, the above dates are highly optimistic. The working drawings of Physics and Earth Sciences were in the hands of the Grants Committee in mid-1969, and the Government proposes to consider in July 1971 the request to call tenders. Space schedules for Von Zedlitz were submitted to the Grants Committee in June 1970. These did not reach Cabinet Works Committee until February 1971 and were deferred for two months. In the present circumstances it would appear sensible to add a minimum of one year to the completion dates (except for Kirk) set out above. This would mean that the first significant relief of any sort that could be expected would be in 1974.

The immediate building programme can be summarised as follows:
net gains in Staff studies theatres seminar rooms classrooms library place
Kirk extensions 6 1 3 - -
Physics and Earth Sciences 186 3 10 3 -
Von Zedlitz 89 2 14 4 150