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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 9. 1971

Staff Moonlighters

Staff Moonlighters

An interesting past-time of many Vic staff members is now coming to light. It's that old disease known as moneyfucking. But you can't really blame them when you consider the pressures they're under. The May 10 issue of 'National Business Review' in an article on business administration reports that 'meanwhile Victoria University has set up a committee of businessmen to make sure the teachers keep close contact with industry. Unilever, National Mutual, Feltex, Daysh Renouf, Wright Stevenson and lvon Watkins-Dow are represented in the committee. That's not old lvon Watkins-Dow that exports New Zealand made defoliants for use in Vietnam; or the Wright Stevenson of Sir Clifford Plimmer (National Party) renoun?

Professor Bradley of our own Geology department is jumping on the bandwagon early. He has founded a prospecting company called stand Minerals Limited. He said in the April 26 edition of the 'Business Review' that his company would pay off when it was able to persuade overseas mining companies to take an interest in areas that Island Minerals recommended. An admirable sentiment - selling New Zealand overseas.

'National Business Review' tells us also that 'the lecturers in Business Administration at Victoria make sure they keep in touch with their subject. All have been involved in commerce. One was a product manager for General Foods in the U.S. as well as an account executive with a New York advertising agency; another was personnel manager for Feltex. All act as consultants for various companies on the side.'

So go to it staff members there's money to be made and all you lose is your independence. And remember all you companies, Victoria's for sale and the students/previous shareholders seem quite willing to sell out to you. Get a finger in the university pie now!