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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 6. 1971

Summer Tournament

Summer Tournament

Final Points
Otago 54
Canterbury 25
Victoria 20
Massey 12
Auckland 11
Lincoln 4

So Vic craps out again, while Otago wins the Easter Tournament Sheild.... for the eighth year in succession. Once more the relatively small groups of student sportsmen at Vic must languish in self-pity and mutter bitterly about 'apathy' and 'disinterest' within their university. For, the number of people who made themselves available for selection this year was again far too small; once more only the usual stalwarts were prepared to get off their arses and do things. It is a great pity that sports-wise there is little depth in most of our university clubs. Deep within a university of Vic's size there must be the sporting talent somewhere....

To what factors can Otago attribute its success? Undoubtedly the greater interest in sport generated by the Phys. Ed. and Med. Schools plays a large part in the development of sport within Dunedin's university. But perhaps it is more the spirit inherent in the activities of this university which constitutes the major factor for its successes on the sports field. Anyone associated with Otago in any way will know this.

The programme at Summer Tournament this year comprised twelve sports; Cricket, Tennis, Athletics, Rowing, Yachting, Shooting, Waterpolo, Swimming, Underwater Swimming, Volleyball, Billiards/Snooker, and Surfing. If you by any chance read the relevant issue of Salient, (pardon the presumption), you would know that Vic was represented in all but Surfing. It eventuated however that the Otago Underwater Club decided to forego competition because of recent shark scares, and so the underwarter team did not travel down either.

Nor did the Volleyball team, who pulled out at the last minute, without leaving time for another squad to be arranged.

Consequently, Vic had no representation in the surfriding, underwater and volleyball competitions; this is the main reason for the gap between Otago (who finished with 54 points) and Vic, who finished third with 20 points. (Canterbury Uni totalled 25 points and so came second overall.)

Perhaps the best feature of Tournament from our point of view was the success of the cricket team, who won their competition by consistent playing of bright, positive sport. They were rewarded by having four players selected for the N.Z. Universities Eleven; these players were Richard Priest, Tim Druce, Peter Reid and John Greenwood. The success of the cricket team was especially heartening after their disappointing showing last season.

Socially the Tournament was from all accounts a big success! (Even our revered police force joined in the fun on the way down.) And, despite our mediocre showing, we still finished third, and so our team must be congratulated for the manner in which they approached Easter Tournament 1971. And so must Otago Uni be congratulated for the hospitable and well organised way in which they ran it. The results for each of our teams were: