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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 3. 1971

Mens Page with Aunti Therese

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Mens Page with Aunti Therese


Is your skin dry and rough?

Do you sometimes feel shy about kissing a girl?

If your answer to either of these questions is Yes, then maybe you are not shaving the correct way.

To start off with, you must understand that shaving is a very important part of your daily routine. It should not be just something that is done in five minutes with an electric razor. If you must use an electric razor, then remember Always to use pre-electric and after-shave lotions. Not only do these make you nice-to-be-near, but they are also invigorating and inspire a feeling of self-confidence.

However for that romantic night with that very special dale, always set aside about 2 hours for a careful handra/or shave. If you keep to the following routine regularly you will be surprised by the wonderful results:
1.Lock yourself in the bathroom (this is very important, No—One must see you until you and your face are ready).
2.Gather your utensils in a convenient place beside the sink.
3.Strip to the waist.
4.Wash your face thoroughly in hot water as hot as you can stand it without feeling uncomfortable or your pores open too wide.
5.Rinse thoroughly in clear hot water.
6.Using a good shaving brush (pig bristle is the best) apply a generous la liter with a good shaving cream.
7.With a new super stainless blade in your ra/or begin to shave. First shave downwards, the way the hairs grow, and then, for that extra close shave, go against the grain. Don't forget under the chin.
8.Rinse your face thoroughly with hot water and follow by a cold rinse. (It is preferable to keep a basin of water in the fridge [if you do not have a fridge bottle some cold water with a water-tight lop and place in the nearest river] especially for this purpose). The cold water closes the pores and brings a manly glow to your face.
9.And most important an after shave suited to the type of person you are. If you are tall, dark and "handsome, a heavy spicy lotion will be best: if you are tail, a light sweet lotion and if you are otherwise, I wouldn't worry.

Now you are ready to face Her knowing that your handsome face is at its best.

Important: Do not unlock bathroom door until the cuts have dried.

Eyes Right

Quick pick-me-ups for tired eyes are cotton wool balls wrung out with water and a little tonic lotion. Close your eyes and lie down with them covered for ten" minutes. Real cool.

Wayward eyebrows need training into a new shape. Brush them nightly with a touch of vaseline on a toothbrush, and they will eventually fall into line.

If you've got that morning after-the-night-before feeling, hide those shadows under your eyes by a pair of false lower lids.

Be flash, Stick tiny sequins under your eyebrows with eyelash glue. Or fix one under the centre of each eye like a jewelled tear.

When plucking eyebrows, stretch them between middle and forefinger to stop it hurting. Always pluck from underneath in the direction they grow and finish oft with a dab of tonic lotion on cotton wool to cool any redness.