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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 33 No. 14. 1970

Executive vs S.R.C

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Executive vs S.R.C.

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4 August Executive On the evidence available at that date the Executive recommended to the S.R.C. that no apology be made to Detective Sergeant C.W. Lines.


5 August: S.R.C. Voted that no apology be made 290 - 14

7 August: Vacation begins.

8 August: Executive Met in committee - no resolution - considered further evidence.

10 August: Executive Motion for a partial apology carried (dissent - Phelps, Langford abstention - Knox). Amendment calling for full apology lost on casting vote of - chair (for Knox, Phelps, Langford; against - Bryson, Nesbitt, Collins)

13 August: Executive Resolved that there be a full apology (carried 4 - 2 dissent - Bryson, Collins, absent - Nesbitt, Stockwell).

21 August: Executive Approved the terms of the apology as negotiated by Lines' lawyer and the Association's lawyers, and agreed to pay Lines $150 in full payment of his legal fees (dissent - Nesbitt, Collins). 31 August; Vacation ends.

3 September S.R.C. Directed the Executive to publish a partial apology only 123 - 2

4 September: Executive All members present. President was directed to publish the full apology (dissent - Collins, Nesbitt, Bryson)

7 September: "Salient" appears with full apology.

2 4 September: Special general meeting 7pm Union Hall, S.U.B. Motion of no confidence in the Executive.

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