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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 33 No. 11. 22 July 1970

May 18, 1967

May 18, 1967

I said to Maureen just before we sailed, now don't you worry about your old Mum, a bit of sea air'll do her the world of good, and if you get on one of these little banana-boat things, well, you get more attention than the regular liners, don't you, individual cuisine, own shower, porthole, and you never can tell, there's always the chance of a nice young purser, well you know what sailors are and your old Mum's not past it not by a long chalk, I mean, I've still got the legs I had at twenty, and no one can say different, especially in the moonlight, like Claudette Colbert and Leslie Howard; only they kept me in my cabin for four months. I thought, God, they're only waiting until we're away from civilisation and they'll all come down and do unspeakable things to me, but by April I'd given up hoping. And then yesterday all these Chinese turned up, and I thought, Deirdre May Foster this is it, just close your eyes and think of something else, but they were all crying and said they were lost and there were all these icebergs outside and they missed their mothers, and would I like to be Captain? Well, you know me, anything for a giggle.