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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 33 No. 11. 22 July 1970

Potting explosion

Potting explosion

A leading New Zealand potter says that readily available clay and a marked increase in the number of shops selling handcrafted goods are responsible for an "explosion" in the number of potters here.

Doreen Blumhardt, a Training College lecturer, told a small audience on 9 July that "New Zealand is one of the countries of the world which is richest in clay suitable for pot-making."

"Now there are about forty full-time potters here. About ten or fifteen years ago there were none," said Miss Blumhardt. "We are an ingenious and vigorous people and our potters' influence springs directly from our environment."

Miss Blumhardt showed a series of slides to demonstrate "the influence trail that we can trace very clearly from China through Korea and Thailand." She also showed slides New Zealand scenery to illustrate "shape, texture, line, colour, mood and contrast." Various pots were displayed to show how each of these elements were represented in New Zealand pottery.

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Honorarium for Chairman of Social Committee

The Chairman of the Student Representative Council's Social Committee is to receive $50 from 1970.

This was the effect of a motion passed at the Special General Meeting on Monday 13 July.

The motion was in accordance with the Executive's policy of honoraria, said Mr Knox, Vice-President of the Association. The Social Controller should be appointed by the Executive and be responsible to it, he said.