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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 33 No. 11. 22 July 1970

[Letter from Paul Allison]


I have read with great distaste Cecily Pinker's article on so-called Exclusive Brethren. My object in writing is two-fold: I wish for my own part, and I know on behalf of the great majority of those who for conscience sake have left the Exclusive Brethren, to dissociate myself and them entirely from the sentiments expressed in this deplorable article.

Next I would point out that when carefully studied this article is not an attack on Exclusive Brethren at all, but on Christianity itself—on much that is held in reverence by Christians in many denominations. Indeed the Bible itself is ridiculed and Miss Pinker declares, as plainly as she may, that she is not a Christian.

Furthermore, this article is full of inaccuracies, contradictions, uninformed criticism, and vitriolic effusion. The entire reason underlying the Brethren's sad decline has been entirely missed.

I do not know Miss Pinker personally, and bear her no ill-will, but I much regret her action in writing this article and yours in giving so large a space to it.

Paul Allison