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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 33, No. 6 6 May 1970

Music Review

Music Review

BARTOK QUARTET MEMORIAL THEATRE TUESDAY 21 APRIL STRING QUARTET DURKO STRING QUARTET OP 130 BEETHOVEN reverent audience—silence AFTER ALL IT IS durko now-happening (which is something) new notes in the air excitement of the nowness in it which precludes value judgements almost in the now new one hears oldnesses bartok maybe even webern but what of that tradition absorbed in the present reality polite clappits why i wonder excitement of pyrotechnics? or convention? WE BELIEVE IN AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION WHEREVER POSSIBLE THE GOLDEN CALF ROTS ON ITS PEDESTAL BEETHOVEN: technically impeccable fine ensemble work accurate faithful stylish 200 yrs old & boring NOT the fault of beethoven no (thinking trad art dead irrelevant i heard susskind conduct the 8th) but to be felt in the world of stockhausen & the stones the traditional must be CONTEMPORARY & not 200yrs old NOT JUST 'STYLISH' BUT RELEVANT IF NECESSARY IGNORING THE COMPOSERS INTENTIONS WHICH WE DO IN A THOUSAND LITTLE WAYS ANYHOW