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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 33, No. 6 6 May 1970

'Buy British' Corner

'Buy British' Corner


Our subject for this issue is washing powders. Before you buy your next packet, look carefully for the make. Tide, Fairy Snow. Daz, Dreft and Ariel are all the products of Procter and Gamble Ltd., a company of American parentage. Persil, Omo, Surf, Lux and Sunlight are produced by the British firm of Lever Bros.

These are the main brands that you are liable to encounter in any store. They account for a total turnover of vast dimensions. Remember in future which are which. Try to impress upon your friends to buy British, and ensure that you do so yourself.

The League of Empire Loyalists was one of the groups which united to form the National Front. The following extracts were taken from a booklet entitled New Zealand's Asian Destiny, distributed by the New Zealand League. The booklet was written by Mr J.F.L. Hartley. Mr Hartley is described by the ubiquitous A.K. Chesterton in his introduction to the booklet as "a leader with a good head, a loyal heart, and a lucid and brilliant pen."

Coming of Captain Cook

He came in the spring, when the honey-scent of manuka was on the hills, and the kowhai was a golden glory in the valleys. In the magic of sunset perhaps he heard the distant toll of the bell-bird, liquid, rich, talismanic. Was Destiny his companion as he stood beneath Union jack to watch the approaching shore? Ah, wild, lovely land of mountain and forest, of lakes and rivers—what was your destiny on that historic day in 1769? what predetermined events had decided your ultimate lot, and what power had fore-ordained them? what invincible necessity fired British seamen—fearless vancouriers of the pioneers—thus to brave the great unknown?

On a day in spring, I stood beneath a statue, supernal in a flowered square, and I pondered on the changes in these islands since he, whose image was fixed in stone, felled giant trees in Dusky Sound. Nearly 200 years—was that long ago? The stumps were there for all to see, long after I was born. Asian destiny—? In fancy I listened to a restless voice, sharpened as with faint alarm: "I am Cook. I was the first to come. My task—read my orders—was to seek, to find, this land. You must not yield. The British are scattered about the earth, yet there is but one British nation, one destiny. Do not yield ..."

Cartoon of Union Jack

The time is not yet when Asians dare invade our shores. We must fear, and resist, our own fifth-columnists of Asian ambitions, the "Asian destiny" prophets, the salesmen of Eastern cultures, the race-mixers, urgers of the Danegeld, advocates of disarmament, one-worlders, wreckers of Empire and British tradition—these we need fear, for they spread the virus that weakens the will to resist subversion, and they brainwash our minds for the acceptance of an Asian future.