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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 33, No. 6 6 May 1970


page 14


The Hour for Service has come—national front Means National Survival

  • New Zealand is threatened by the twin dangers of International Communism and International Finance.
  • The British Empire as we knew it has been almost totally destroyed, and British peoples everywhere are threatened with being driven out of history.
  • Britain is threatened with submergence into the E.E.C. and the threat of an Asian Destiny looms ever larger to New Zealand and Australia.
  • The anti-Communist Nations of Europe are under concerted attack, and the principle of national sovereignty is continually eroded by the internationalist one-worlders who would merge us all under one world government dictatorship.
  • Moral standards are on the decline, drug addiction and crime are on the increase.

Can we Remain Inactive and Idly watch the Destruction of the Priceless British Heritage Willed to us by Our Forefathers?

What Kind of Future are our Children to Inherit from us? Are they to Inherit the Freedom and Security of a British Future or will they be Mere Units in a Coffee-Coloured Communistic one World State??

Think well on these questions New Zealanders, and ponder also the fact that responsibility either way rests not with the "powers that be", or "the other fellow", but with each and every one of us.

In Great Britain, patriots of the League of Empire Loyalists, the British National Party, Racial Preservation Society, and Greater Britain Movement have emerged to form the British National Front in order to bring about National Resurgence. Now in New Zealand the League of Empire Loyalists has merged with other interested patriots to form the New Zealand National Front, a political body dedicated to the preservation of our British way of life and to combatting subversion.

Join the National Front and help ensure our national survival.

New Zealand's British Destiny

New Zealand is a country geographically situated in the Pacific. Her people are of mainly British stock and inherit the legacy of British culture developed by their forefathers. The history of the majority of New Zealand's people is inextricably bound up with that of their British ancestors and kinsfolk, and they live in freedom under British Justice. New Zealand though proud of her sovereign independence is a small country and cannot exist in isolation. She must therefore co-operate closely with other British nations in order to survive.

However such is the sorry state of political bewilderment and intellectual confusion into which we have fallen that many people forget these facts, and lend an ear to the all too numerous fifth columnists in our midst who would have us abandon the British Destiny which alone guarantees us an independent future. Some of these latter would have New Zealand become the U.S.A's fifty-first state thus selling our national sovereignty to Wall Street direct. The bulk of them however are engaged in spreading the poisonous doctrine of an Asian Destiny (which would in fact mean that New Zealand would become an Asian satellite of Wall Street). Despite the contrary proofs of geography, history, race, and culture, they assert that New Zealand is an Asian country and that we must follow an Asian Destiny. They often advance the "Shrinking world" theory, and state that because of the speed of modern communications we are being brought ever closer in time to Asia and therefore must be bound to an Asian future. They do not however add that increased speed of communications, brings us likewise closer in time to Great Britain, and our sister British nations overseas for to state this fact would be to defeat their purpose of Asianising New Zealand. They are frequently to be found pleading for a "liberalising" of our immigration laws to admit greater numbers of Asians as immigrants. Such a move if adopted into law would be the thin edge of an ever increasing wedge of Asian immigration until European culture in our land would be swamped by sheer weight of numbers. In fact their higher birth rate would make the admission of even a few thousand more Asians a danger to our culture within a generation or so.

The field of trade provides the poisonous prophets of Asian Destiny with their greatest opportunity, especially now that the anti-British Parliament is attempting to sell New Zealand (and Britain) down the river by joining the European Economic Community. Whilst some trade with Asia is perfectly acceptable and compatible with the maintenance of national sovereignty reliance upon Asian markets would be to New Zealand a deadly Trojan Horse. Once our trade with Asia exceeded what is normal between friendly countries, once our economy became dependent on the Asian market, then would we be vulnerable to economic blackmail, and Asians in hundreds of thousands would swarm into New Zealand as immigrants, our present culture vanishing under an Asiatic tide. We should not court such a fate by overdeveloping Asian markets, but should make our voices heard on the British scene, helping to awaken the British people.

Whilst it is true that some of the prophets of an Asian Destiny are well meaning dupes, there are others who instigate and sustain such propaganda whose aim it is to soften up our people so that they will, in time, come to accept that creed with its consequent destruction of our national sovereignty and racial integrity.

Let there be no mistake—if New Zealanders are to survive as a free people, keep faith with our forefathers who pioneered this land, with those who died in two world wars that we might be free from tyranny, and with generations yet unborn who have the right to inherit from us a land proud and free, in which they can live their lives to the fullest extent possible, our Destiny must be a British Destiny in co-operation with our kinsfolk overseas.

It is a sad fact that craven post-war British governments yielding to their trans-Atlantic masters, the usurers of New York, have done nothing to encourage the British peoples overseas to maintain the British connection, and in fact have sold out British interests all over the globe. The present despicable Harold Wilson and his henchmen are no exception, being perhaps the most disastrous of all the sorry succession of post-war Governments the British people have had the misfortune to be saddled with.

However we must not confuse the sorry specimens of political decadence now resident in the British Parliament with the great mass of our kinsfolk in Britain. There still resides in the British people, albeit hidden under the visible surface of contemporary softness and spiritual decay, those fine qualities of courage, steadfastness, and endurance which have enabled Britons to thrive as a proud breed of men throughout the centuries.

Let us then cast aside apathy, and go forward together united within the ranks of the New Zealand National Front, dedicated to resurgence of the true British spirit in our land and determined to ensure that New Zealand grows and develops within the context of her British Destiny.

Rhodesia—Remove Sanctions

The time is long overdue for the New Zealand Government to cease its support of the iniquitous policy of economic sanctions applied against our gallant Rhodesian kinsfolk, and to enter into normal trading relations with the civilised government of Mr Ian Smith. That New Zealand is willing to trade with every tinpot dictator in Black Africa, trades readily with Communist tyrants, yet refuses to trade with our British kith and kin in Rhodesia is a National Disgrace of the first magnitude.

The New Zealand National Front supports the Rhodesian Front, and civilisation not savagery.