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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 33, No. 6 6 May 1970

More From Lincoln

page 5

More From Lincoln

Caclin Editor Steve Blackemore has published an apology to Lincoln President Hayes and ex-President Payne.

Last week a supplement of Caclin, the Lincoln student newspaper contained an apology from Steve Blakemore, the Editor, and a reply to his open letter by Mr Payne and Mr Hayes.

On Monday 23rd March the new Executive headed by John Hayes was to take over from the 1969/1970 Executive, headed by Roger Payne, at the AGM.

Salient's report of what happened at this meeting is corrected in detail. Apparently Mr Payne did not say, 'it is a pity we cannot hand over the new Executive as we have done in the past' or 'that any further action or remits would have to be handled through "Caclin".'

Discussion of remits through Caclin would be pointless as Caclin did not come out until after the Easter Council. It was however suggested that theft of sheets from the College laundry, the format of the Annual Report, and Lincoln students in Christchurch hostels should be discussed in Caclin.

The meeting collapsed for want of a quorum and did not reach a decision on National and International remits.

'Mr Payne said after the meeting that he did not think that it would be possible to regain the quorum and that the meeting was probably over.' The AGM was not officially closed.

On Tuesday morning Mr Payne ruled that he was still the Acting President as the AGM had not been closed.

A continued AGM was called for 12.30pm on Tuesday, and the meeting was advertised in the lecture rooms and announced at lunchtime. About 200 students attended.

Mr Hayes could have dissociated from National and International commissions without a direction from a student meeting as Mr Payne had done the year before. However he wished to have his ideas supported by a student meeting.

The motion was 'That the LCSA dissociate from the International and National Commission of NZUSA at Faster Council.'

No attempt was made to block opposition as students spoke for and against the motion, Canterbury Executive members and the NZUSA Vice-President were refused speaking rights though, as it was thought they had unofficially been asked 'to antagonise the meeting'.

Mr Hayes and Mr Payne spoke strongly for the motion, 'but they did so as student leaders and they did so in good faith.'

No one objected to the continued AGM and the motion was carried 116 to 30.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 1.00pm. At Easter Council Mr Hayes attended the International Commission 'to find out what moves in restructure were being made,' and 'to put forward Lincoln policy as necessary so that NZUSA delegates had an opportunity to compromise along Lincoln lines.'

However no Lincoln delegate said anything at National Commission and Lincoln did not vote at either National or International Commission.

Steve Blakemore still holds, however, that the continued AGM was unconstitutional.