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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 33, No. 6 6 May 1970

Blyton Revival

Blyton Revival

The late Enid Blyton was a writer whose works demonstrated a breadth of vision which was not always appreciated by her many readers.

Now an Enid Blyton Club has been formed by students at Melbourne University to further study of the works of this famous authoress. Particular emphasis is to be placed on works featuring the character 'Noddy'. The Club's founder says that authoritative interpretations of Miss Blyton's works will be forthcoming as a result of 'participatory analysis'.

As part of the programme of participatory analysis, Club members have held several picnics in the hills around Melbourne. All attending the picnics wear brightly coloured clothes, drink lemonade and suck giant lollipops. Travel to and from picnics is undertaken in little yellow cars with Large blue horns. Gnome hunts have been organised but have proved unsuccessful to date. Lack of success here may be due to the fact that gnomes have been declared noxious animals by the Victorian Legislative Assembly.

One of the Enid Blyton Club's preliminary reports says that evidence has been revealed of racial bigotry in the carefully-wrought character 'Noddy'. The Club's report cites a remark made to a policeman by Noddy: "Are you a toy policeman? Only toy policemen are allowed to live in Toyland."