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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 33, No. 3 18 March 1970

Diploma in Science

Diploma in Science


In your issue of March 4 you reported remarks made by me at Council as follows: "The proposal 'came out of the blue' in spite of the fact that a senior member of the Victoria University staff is undoubtedly on the Authority." This may be taken as a reflection on Professor W.E. Harvey. On looking further into the matter I am satisfied that any such implication, which arose through a misunderstanding on my part, was completely unjustified and I request that you publish this explanation and the following information supplied to me by Professor Harvey;

"I am indeed a member of the Technicians Certification Authority, though I have only sat on that body for a relatively short time. My membership of the Authority is, however, in no way whatsoever connected with my position in the University and I do not represent either this University or the Vice-Chancellors' Committee on the Authority. The Vice-Chancellors Committee is in fact represented on the Authority by a member of staff From Canterbury University, while I am a member elected to the Authority by its Executive Committee for Science, on which body I have sat for a number of years as a representative of the N.Z. Institute of Chemistry).

"The matter of possible Diploma Courses has received much attention in the press and elsewhere of late, more especially of course at the last meeting of Vice-Chancellors. At that time I, with the full consent of the Authority, communicated to the Vice-Chancellor's Secretary that, should the Vice-Chancellor's Committee wish to have any further information relating to the Authority's discussion on Diploma Courses, I would be happy to make myself available to the Vice-Chancellors' Committee, I believe that the T.C.A. had informed the Vice-Chancellors' Committee of this, although as the T.C.A. met only a rather short time prior to the Vice-Chancellors' Committee, this may not in fact have been done. In the event, however, I was not asked to discuss the matter with the Vice-Chancellors' Committee. I was present at the last meeting Of the T.C.A., at which the question of the introduction of Diploma Course and, in particular, a Diploma in Science was discussed. I was one of those who took the view that no action should be taken until the Vice-Chancellors' Committee had had an opportunity to consider the proposals, and indeed the record of that meeting and the recollections of other members who attended it will, I am sure, substantiate this contention."

I.D. Campbell