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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 33, No. 3 18 March 1970



Many part-time students do not realise the effect on their bursary of not passing two units in a year. If a part-time student, who has had his fees paid by virtue of having University Entrance or Higher School Certificate, fails all units or passes only one, all bursary assistance for the next year is compulsorily suspended. If he has Higher School Certificate he has not merely lost a Fees Bursary, he has lost his entitlement to a Fees and Allowances Bursary (and to the Boarding Allowance) and this can only be regained by passing two units in the next year of study.

Every part-time student doing only one unit and claiming fees for it must inevitably forfeit all bursary assistance the next year whether he passes or fails. The only way to preserve his bursary entitlement is for him to pay his fees for the one unit. Any part-time student finding two units too heavy a load and dropping one, puts himself in the same position. He can only ensure his eligibility for the next year by paying fees for the unit he is continuing with, together with fees or half-fees for the subject he drops. Half-fees are charges for units discontinued after 31st March and before the end of the first term. Full refund of fees can be made for units discontinued or changed up to 31st March. All changes and withdrawals must be made at the Registrar's office.

Full-time students also make costly errors about their bursaries. All students in any doubt should make certain that they understand their position by discussing it with the Bursaries Clerk or the undersigned.

P.G. Morris

Liaison Officer Liaison Officer