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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 32, No. 18. July 30, 1969

International Affairs Officer

International Affairs Officer

Richard Chan

Richard Chan

Richard Chan

(Second year law.)

I am standing for this office because it is one of the most disused on exec. There is reason to believe that very few students know of the existence of this office, and even less students could name the past and present holder.

The democratic process allows all people to be equally represented. The international affairs office was created as much to represent the overseas students as to mouth protests. This function is not adequately fulfilled at the present. It is the duty of an officer to make known his policies and views and to put them into action. There is a vital difference between holding office and working in the office. I propose to do both.

Paul D. Karalus

Paul D. Karalus

Paul D. Karalus

Nominator: Bill Logan.

Seconders: Sale Va'ai, R. Abhakom.

The candidate:—

Is a second year_arts student and resident of Weir House. Spent 1967 as a VSA teacher in Tonga. Is at present on the International Affairs Committee, the International Club Committee and remains active in VSA.

As International Affairs Officer chief endeavours would be:

1. To make use of the SRC as a policy making body and sounding board for student opinion.

2. To encourage increased student participation in 1 per cent Aid, VSA, WUS, etc.

3. To promote closer and more frequent gatherings of overseas students and New Zealand students.

4. To see that International House transcends its present intangible existence by at least telling Campus what it is.

5. To urge students to take a more active interest in matters of international concern.

John Pearson

Nominated: J. H. Eade (International Affairs 1969).

Seconded: A. L. Pratt (President International Club), J. Entika (Secretary Malay Student Association).

John has lived overseas for most of his life in various countries in East Africa. Middle East and Europe. He emigrated to New Zealand five yean ago and is now a third year arts student. During 1969 John was a member of the International Affairs Committee and a committee member of the International Club. He was also a WUS delegate to the annual conference in Christchurch.

Policy: —

1. Greater liaison with National student bodies.

2. Give vigorous support to WUS and Ismun.

3. Work for a sounder attitude to international affairs based more on local facts and difficulties, than on ad hoc identification with overseas trends.

4. To assist any student group in an international capacity, in making its feelings felt by acting as a direct spokesman to Exec and for SRC.

John Pearson

John Pearson