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Salient: Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32, No. 11. 1969.


page 2


Opinions expressed in Salient are not necessarily those of VUWSA.

June 4, 1969

The more perceptive among you will note that Salient has reverted to a front-page news format.

The reason for this is that we do not have sufficient room to spend a full page with an illustration. And we don't have sufficient room because we don't have enough money because we don't have enough advertising.

But should we use the front page for illustrations?

Does this mean that Salient is becoming more of a magazine than a newspaper?

We intend to discuss the role of Salient, its responsibilities, its function within the university in future issues.

The only significant thing which came out of an abortive motion of no-confidence in the present editor at a recent SGM, was a realisation that here were students, outside the usual Salient clique, who had opinions, who had ideas on what Salient should be doing, and who had no part in the decision-making process, the result of which is their newspaper.

One correspondent in this issue refers to the question of reporting student activity. He uses the Drama Society as an apparent example where "really trenchant copy" can be channelled into Salient.

We inspected a report of the particular meeting to which this Drama Society member referred. The copy was, in terms of news-worthiness, useless.

The point of all this is that maybe the results of any one of the meetings of the sixty clubs affiliated to the Students Association, at a probable average of maybe two meetings a day, are of interest to students. If they are, tell us. If you don't, we shall draw our own conclusions.