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Salient: Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32, No. 11. 1969.

Patriot On Our Side?

Patriot On Our Side?

I Think you and your paper cause trouble cos of the comunist menace and the chinese and how people might think they are good because you writers say so and you dont no what you think you do.

Yous intelectualls alway think you no that the reds are good but they kill innsent people in Vietnam and in Japan in the second world war.

Yous should read some stuff which is written by people who been the Vietnome and Japan in the war and that and writers would learn that people are being killed because enemy are killing them and I am sending you a bit out of a comic which is true and it says how labor things are evil and course strife and treble and the patriot and Captain America (the Cap.) are on our side and I am sending this to you. I arn't sending yous all the comics but just this little piece of he comic will show your intelectualls what the patriot is and how he might come to get all comunists and labor things and danger element.

frame of comic

William Fish.