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Salient: Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32, No. 11. 1969.

Critic Editor replies to withdrawal criticisms

Critic Editor replies to withdrawal criticisms

Mr. Michael Meek, editor of the Otago University student newspaper, "Critic", has written criticising remarks made in Salient 8 concerning the withdrawal of "Critic" from NZSPA.

"I was both surprised and angered at the story", Mr. Meek said.

"Surprised at the apparent disagreement on the amount of NZSPA used by 'Critic' this year, angered by the remarks of both Barry Saunders and Peter Rosier."

Mr. Meek said it was "utter crap" that "Critic" used "a lot" of NZSPA matetial.

"NZSPA material has been used in two issues; two and four", said Mr. Meek.

He said in one instance the material used had to be rewritten, and in the second instance it was used to "fill a gap".

Mr. Barry Saunders denied using the words in question.

"I said 'Critic' uses some material, but it didn't sem particularly interested by it.

"This I found difficult to follow, because it is trying to be a newspaper with the accent on news."

Mr. Meek was also critical of the remarks made by Mr. Saunders that "if Otago wanted a better structure, it should have brought it up at Easier Council".

"I don't believe anything concrete would have emerged if we had". Mr. Meek said.

"Instead, NZSPA wasted time on stupid motions deploring the detention of Anthony Grey by China, yet were not even prepared to send a telegram or letter to China.

"As Mr. Saunders well knows, this was the first time I had attended a meeting of NZSPA.

"I fell it was hardly fair to condemn it until I was convinced it deserved condemning.

"In retrospect, it deserved it.

"NZSPA did nothing towards providing facilities whatsoever, and itw as only by several individual efforts that any reporting was done.

"Salient, Canta and Cuclin did nothing."

Mr. Meek said Mr. Peter Rosier's statement that "it cost newspapers relatively little for this service" was "more crap".

"Otago pays $65 for this service and we do not consider this little, especially for a service we virtually never use", Mr. Meek said.

"Also we send copies of 'Critic' to other editors on the day of issue."

"Lastly", Mr. Meek said, "Otago has offered something to replace NZSPA with.

"The outcome is not in our hands.

"We are out of NZSPA.

"At Winter Council in Dunedin this year, other papers are welcome to use our own news service on the sole condition that 'Critic' and not 'NZSPA' be used in the byline."

Mr. Tony Jacques, the President of NZSPA said he had written to the OUSA Executive about the matter and was awaiting a reply.

"I have no comments whatsoever.

"If he wants to make prickish comments about coverage at Lincoln I"ll not flatter him with a reply."