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Salient: Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32, No. 11. 1969.



In the April issue of that great democratic weekly rag Truth, there is an article that generously endeavours to show the tax-payers the true light. In it our noble, anonymous Truth reporter, without malice or bias, purports that the tax-payers' money is being wasted on a "motley collection of youthfuls". complete with long hair and beards, who have nothing else to do but protest.

Well, Mr Reporter, I think it is these self same people who are going to bring any honesty and moralistic decency to the Establishment of our God-forsaken pair of pearls in the South-Pacific. It is not, Mr Reporter, in the 5000 apathetic pikers that any lead will be shown. At the S.G.M. on April 30 this same noble band of complacent apathetic students, without conscience, quashed the motions concerning the University sports clubs taking a stand in line with NZUSA policy over sport in South Africa. Their only argument was that, even though apartheid wasn't very gentlemanly and nice, in the best of Kiwi tradition the tour must go on. One can only conclude from this that their attitude is: "To hell with those damn blacks, our game of rugby is more important than their damn freedom".

This one incident is typical of the negative thinking that flows from deep within the realms of knowledge of our noble 500. And so until we see some change in the thinking and feelings of the majority of students at that great apostolic haven of learning, Victoria University, yes, indeed Mr Reporter, the tax-payers' money will be wasted.

R. Mcdowell.