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Salient: Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32, No. 11. 1969.

'New Fascism'

'New Fascism'

There is no good reason why we should tolerate "Hitlers", large or small, black, white or khaki, nor should they be excused because they are black, in the present wave of "Let's Be Kind to Our Black Brothers Campaigns". History tells a much different story.

The colour of man is of no consequence, he is not more or less a man became of it. It is what comes from within, his actions towards his fellow human beings that realy counts.

We tolerated Mussolini and gave him Abyssinia; we tolerated Hitler and gave him Czechoslovakia amongst others; we sacrificed our friends lift, right and centre to appease Hitler, Mussolini and Franco.

Turn the other chec?Let's be kind to them? Though your humanity is highly commendable, they are laughing at you.

Use the methods you used to remove Hitler and Mussolini end should have used on the Spanish regime. Eliminate them.

If you have a disease in your midst do you tolerate it? No, you cure it by killing off the invading "germs". We encourage these "Hitlers", listen to them, give them power, honour them, train their armies, trade with them, lend them funds, encourage them in every way. What for? They contribute nothing to mankind but destruction. So we encourage them to slaughter their victims and crush their opponents. Or do we do it in the hope they may change their ways and become democratic? How blind can we be.

The lessons of thirty years ago were learnt at the cost of some 52,000,000 dead plus the uncountable maimed and injured. Does all this mean nothing to us? Do not let the cancer that is Fascism spread; destroy it, before it destroys you, wherever it appears; Africa, Europe, Asia, America or even in your own backyard.

If you want food for thought, read Russell's book "The Scourge of the Swastika", then re-read it lest you forget. Lord Russell you will remember was Attorney-General of England, and was threatened with dismissal if he published this book, so he resigned rather than be muzzled.

While you are about it, another lesson from Black Africa— extracted from Lord Russell's appeal for help from Haile Selassie and Kenneth Kaunda, dated February 4, 1964.

"1000 people a day are being slaughtered ... in the country of Ruanda Urundi. ... The Wehutu people are, as a matter of vengeance, exterminating 250,000 Watutsi who formerly ruled over them." But note, Mr Mitchell, what follows—"The Watutsi have no press to defend them, no national representatives to appeal on their behalf and no means of preventing what is happening."

If you still want to be convinced, try a visit to the small Polish town of Oswiecim, 20 miles north-west of Cracow. Never heard of it?

The German name is Auschwitz, and the Poles have preserved this "konzentrationelager" intact as a museum. Foreigners, especially those from the West, are particularly encouraged to visit this museum. (Wo forget more easily the mistakes of the past.)

But thanks for your article, Jim; you stopped short of the of their political police, disband their armed forces, and without the power of coercion their people will become free; and the dictators of Fascism, new or old, will fall.

R. A. O. Morgan.